50 Year School Reunion a Great Success!

Amid sunny skies and warm temperatures the Class of 1969 celebrated their 50 year Reunion, July 12-14, 2019 in Souris.

 The Reunion was a busy and fun time for all who came.  On Friday night we gathered to decorate the float that we were entering in the Souris parade the following day.  Upon arriving we were all given name tags and believe me after 50 years for a lot of us they were definitely needed.  The float consisted of a huge cake made of straw bales and decorated in purple and gold, which was the theme chosen for this reunion.  Mary Anne Brown and Lynne Janz where in charge of decorating.  Mary Anne had brought a lot of the decorations for the float with her from Alberta.  After a fun evening of decorating, we were off to the King Edward Room in the new Souris Hotel for an evening of visiting and getting reacquainted with our classmates that we hadn’t seen in 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years.  For this reunion we had 5 classmates who had never been to any of the previous reunions that had been held in 1979, 1989, 1999, or 2009 before and it was great that they were able to attend the 50 year reunion.

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 The next morning with many of our classmates wearing purple or gold we climbed on the float eagerly waiting for the parade to start. The song “The Purple and The Gold “(which was the school song when we were in Grades 9-12) played as we followed the parade route through town and eventually ended up at the fairgrounds.  An interesting point with regards to this song is that the music and lyrics were written by Doug Noton who is the father of classmate Mark Noton. The bubble machine at the back of the float caught the eye of everyone who was out enjoying the parade.    A former “SCI” cheerleader was dressed in her cheerleading outfit for this occasion.   After the parade we did a “self-proclaimed” victory lap around town and then it was time to dismantle the float and go back to the King Edward Room for lunch. Thanks to Andy and Ruth Murray and Garry and Brenda Davidson for supplying us with lunch.  Ellen Legge brought a delicious cake decorated in purple and gold for dessert.

 After lunch we all headed to the school to be put into teams and start the car rally.  What a fun time going around town collecting the clues that was put together by Myrna Brister and Fran Racher.  The final clue led us to the Whistling Donkey, which was the gathering spot for dances on Saturday nights during our high school years.   This brought back a lot of memories while we were sitting there visiting.  After a brief stop, it was off for a school tour conducted by Ellen Legge. What a lot of changes in the school for the ones that had not had a chance to tour the school before.

 The Kirkup Lounge was where we were headed for the rest of the evening. The lounge was elegantly decorated by Lynne Janz.  The emcees for the evening were Garry and Brenda Davidson.  Don Kowalchuk said the grace and then 43 classmates and their spouses enjoyed a delicious meal catered to by The Tea House (Brenda Wilkinson).   The evening consisted of a “Who is Here” quiz , the awarding of Trophies and Prizes for the Car Rally, a game of Trivial Pursuit, Open Mic and of course a group photo.  Music for the evening was provided by Darren Janz (Cement Entertainment).  A slide show of our previous reunions ran continuously throughout the evening.  Lynne Janz did a great job setting up the memoriam table.   What a fitting tribute honouring our 18 deceased classmates.  As Barb Kotyk read the list of names, a candle was lit for each one by Mary Anne Brown. 

 Sunday morning saw us at the beautiful Souris golf course for breakfast.  We were pleased to have teachers Murray (Doni) Zuk, Bill (Louise) Lawson, Jim Refvik, Garry (Marilyn) Hooper, Linda Chorley (Kidd) and Phyllis Clark (Bell) join us for breakfast.  After many hugs, good-byes, and with smiles on our faces the Class of 69 slowly started to make their way out of the club house with the general consensus that we would gather again in 5 years.

 What a wonderful weekend thanks to the committee of Ellen Legge, Fran Racher, Myrna Brister, Lynne Janz, Donna Fenwick, Butch Locke and Gerry Williams. Thanks to so many of the class that made the effort to attend the reunion.  Each and every one of you helped to make it the fun weekend that was enjoyed by all.

 We would like to thank Butch Locke for the use of his flat deck and semi for the parade, Ron Davis (Davis Trucking) for the use of his shop to decorate the float, Donna Fenwick for organizing the meal for the banquet at the Kirkup Lounge and the breakfast at the golf course, the businesses and private citizens for helping us by handing out clues at the car rally and of course our gracious bar tenders, Laura, Gina, Johnny and Ben.

 Classmates attending were:  From Alberta - Barb Kotyk (Smider) Barry Wiens, Rick Swan, Gerry Nelson, Mary Anne Brown (Johnston) and Lillian Casey (Burger).  From British Columbia - Murray Palmer, Garry and Brenda Davidson (Romanack) and Barbara Oates (Long).  From Ontario -  Wendy Turner, Linda Christianson, Dennis Swaenepoel, Don Kowalchuk and Frank MacDougall, Al Church of Saskatchewan, Don Campbell of Texas, Andy Murray of Minnesota, and from Manitoba -  Norma Keown (Groves), Myrna Brister (Palmer) Donna Fenwick (Copeland), Butch Locke, Gerry Williams, Lorna Binions (Edmunds) Gordon Couling, Garry Reid, Cathy Gerelus, (Naswell) Lynne Janz (Lovatt) Betty Birks, Ellen Legge  (Bell), Fran Racher (Mitchell), Don Stuart,  Gary Strath,  Bob Wilson, Marie Janz, Mary Anne Carlisle (Tanguay) Terry Betker, Mark Noton, Maureen Strawn (Wood), Roberta Dunlop (MacDougall),  Denis Tomasson and Ken and Betty Lou Morrison (Lovatt).

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