Deloraine Grad 2017

Deloraine School held its graduation on Monday, June 26. Pictured is the Class of 2017. Back (left to right): McCullough Park, Luke Weidenhamer, Kolby Chen, Eric Sorensen, Alan Revet, Justin Rickard, Braden Davis, Alexander Bell. Middle: Ashton Bell, Abbey Franklin, Jillian Crowe, Faith Billiaert. Front: Samantha Friesen, Madyson Day, Skyla Vanmackelberg, Ella Clague, Madison Roy, Kelly Temple, Shaylyn Mangin, Jessica Goethals and Sarah Empey.

Deloraine grad 2017

By Judy Wells

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Deloraine School held its Grade 12 graduation on Monday, June 26 in the Doc Bonar Arena with 21 students receiving diplomas. Master of Ceremonies duties were shared by Mr. Brad Mills (Supper), Mr. Matt Palmer (Convocation) and Mr. Paul Artz (Grand March).

“This class has athletes, artists and scholars, and above all — they are good citizens who I am proud of. They are loud, talkative, easily distracted, rarely on task but at the same time very entertaining and I enjoyed the time with them,” said Palmer.

Carolyn Cory, superintendent of SHSD brought greetings on behalf of the school division. “You are captain of your own team — don’t always choose people that agree with you, pick challenging people too. Life is a very long lesson in humility. Be humble about your talents, don’t complain and hold yourself and your team to task. Be loyal, accountable and always leave a place better than you found it,” she advised.

Graduates Kelly Temple and Jessica Goethals delivered the Valedictory address with just a little bit about what each graduate taught them. “Alan – taught us dramatic flair; Madison Day – taught us to be yourself and be creative; Eric – how to be bold; Skyla – not to be afraid to play dirty to win; Ashton – work ethic; Jill – taught us that you can be sassy and have a big heart; Justin – taught us that saying hello goes a long way; Abbey – taught us that making connections is important; Sarah – taught us acceptance; Braden – taught us to learn from our mistakes; Zander – taught us all about Pepsi; Shaylyn – taught us organization and selflessness; Kolby – taught us to face our fears; Samantha – taught us to finish what you start; Faith – taught us to stay strong and to laugh; Luke – taught us to make the best of any given situation; Madyson Roy – taught us to always smile; Jessica – taught us giggling is a good thing as well as competing; Kelly – taught us perfectionism and how to be a good friend and nice person.”

“Our teachers and parents helped us to get here and Dad. . .you gave us an excellent example of what not to do in school – it takes quite an effort to get below zero,” joked Jessica. (Note: Jessica has razzed her dad in all her speeches throughout the years. We’re gonna miss them Jess).

Mr. Palmer had some last words of advice that he received from his grandfather – “You’ll find the keys to success underneath the alarm clock.”

The Deloraine School Choir performed two numbers, under the direction of music teacher David Heilmann. Four of the members are graduates – Kelly Temple, Jessica Goethals, Alan Revet and Braden Davis.

Presentation of Awards

Several graduates received Entrance Scholarships to their chosen College/University:

• 4-H Scholarships – Jessica Goethals, Luke Weidenhamer, Kelly Temple, Jillian Crowe

• Kelly Temple - $500 University of Saskatchewan (U of S)

• Braden Davis - $1100 Brandon University  Scholarship

• Shaylyn Mangin - $500 Manitoba Nurses Union Scholarship and $1100 BU Entrance Scholarship

• Jillian Crowe - $2000 from University of Regina

• Abbey Franklin - $2500 combined Athletic/Academic Scholarship from Dakota College Bottineau College

• Jessica Goethals – BU Entrance Scholarships totaling $5860

• Ashton Bell – full scholarship to attend school and play hockey at the University of Minnesota Duluth

Subject Awards

40S LAW – Ella Clague, 71%

40S Cinema –  a tie - Braden Davis/Madison Day – 85%

40S Chemistry – Jessica Goethals, 95%

40S Pre-Calc Math – Jessica Goethals, 95%

40S Literary focus ELA – Jessica Goethals, 95%

40S Biology – a three-way tie between Jessica Goethals/Kelly Temple/ Jillian Crowe, 91%

40S Physics – Kelly Temple, 94%

40S Essential Math – Abbey Franklin, 89%

40S Global Issues – Ella Clague, 70%

40S Applied Math – Jessica Goethals, 97%

45S Calculus – Jessica Goethals, 93%.

Vickie More Award (involved in social justice) – Shaylyn Mangin

Delores Percival Memorial Scholarship – Faith Billiaert

Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester – Kelly Temple

Westman Communication Group – Faith Billiaert.

Billie Arnold Scholarship – Ella Clague.

Student Nursing Bursary – Shaylyn Mangin

Deloraine Health Auxiliary – Ella Clague

Royal Purple Scholarship – Ashton Bell

Deloraine United Church Women – Jessica Goethals

Sunrise Credit Union (2) – Kelly Temple/Jillian Crowe

Coatstone Award (Keith and Wayne Christianson) – Madison Day

Boundary Co-op (3) – Alexander Bell, Jessica Goethals, Abbey Franklin

Municipality of Brenda-Waskada – Ella Clague

Liz and Jim Rea Scholarship – Shaylyn Mangin

Doric Lodge – Ashton Bell

DJ Wright Scholarship – Jessica Goethals

Net Set Communications – Braden Davis

Sara Corbett Scholarship – Skyla Vanmackelbergh

Deloraine Colts Hockey Scholarship – Luke Weidenhamer, Kolby Chen

Deloraine School Staff Bursary – Ashton Bell

General Proficiency – Jessica Goethals

Governor General Award –Jessica Goethals

Southwest Horizon School Division – Jessica Goethals

Manitoba 4-H Council – Luke Weidenhamer

Athlete of the Year: Male – Eric Sorensen; Female – Jillian Crowe/Abbey Franklin

Meyers Norris Penny Scholarship – Jessica Goethals

The graduating class of 2017:

Alexander Bell ,Kolby Chen, Samantha Friesen, McCullough Park, Alan Revet, Justin Rickard, Madyson Roy, Eric Sorensen, Skyla Vanmackelbergh

Distinction – an average between 85% and up

Ashton Bell, Eleanor Clague, Jillian Crowe, Braden Davis, Abbey Franklin, Jessica Goethals, Shaylyn Mangin, Kelly Temple

Honours – an average between 74 and 84%

Faith Billiaert, Madison Day, Sarah Empey,  Luke Weidenhamer.

The Grand March followed and a dance with the parents.



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