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Gainsborough news
by Pam Brown
Visiting with Pamela Brown and Brady, Rebecca and Peyton, and also with Sherman and Annette Brown at Carievale, to celebrate Christmas, were Neil and Richelle Brown and family of Brandon, and Alyssa Brown and friend Kim of Saskatoon.
Sympathy of the community is expressed to Gerry Reynolds and family on the passing of his sister, Patricia Pirie, on December 20 at Burns Lake, BC. We also extend our condolences to her children Betsy, Patti, and Owen and families, also the Pirie families.

Valleyview Place
by Ruth Townsend
Paul and Theresa Reddaway arrived from Regina, SK on Saturday, December 19 to visit with Laura Klassen and also spend time with Paul's parents, Ralph and Elsie Reddaway at Elva, and they enjoyed the overnight stay.
Mary Lewis is always pleased to have kids and other family members drop in for brief visits.
When Danny and Heather Meggison were in town to attend the Thursday dance, they also called in for a visit with aunt Myrtle Pateman who was pleased to have their company.  
Betty McSorley from Virden was a welcome visitor with Reta Murray  on Sunday afternoon.
On Thursday, we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner which is always a special event. This year Fran was a guest as her stand-ins, Denise and Val, were both on hand to provide this year's fine meal again. There was another full house this year and Jean Sterling asked the Blessing and, on the conclusion, Ellen Carels expressed our appreciation to Denise and Val.
Jean Fletcher has had Brian and Deb, Wayne and Kim, and Sandy is her regular weekly general 'houselady' and hairdresser too. Jean knows she is another lucky lady!
Audrey Bugg was anticipating the visit from niece Effie and husband Jim McMurray of Winnipeg on Monday afternoon.
Mary Champion accompanied her son Russ to Brandon last Thursday where they kept appointments.
Shirley Slack was another former friend and neighbour who enjoyed the birthday party for Nelda Wilkinson last Saturday as she met many friends from the Bede and surrounding areas.
Donna Freeman and Helen Harmon were at Nelda's birthday Tea on Saturday afternoon and, during the week, Kevin and Barb Thompson were welcome visitors too with Donna.

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Melita Lodge News
by Ruth Townsend
Ted and Carol McGregor called for Lily Mee and they enjoyed another lunchtime visit together last Tuesday.
Lil has also enjoyed hearing from Terry and Denise at Stonewall, MB that they have their daughter Kayla home with them for the holidays as she attends U of Connecticut, where she also plays Hockey.
Florence Slessor was accompanied by Ruth Townsend as they enjoyed the birthday Tea and Social time for Nelda Wilkinson which her family hosted in her honour at the Drop In Centre December 20.
Edythe Barber and Irene Kobs enjoyed a trip to Brandon together on Saturday.
Last Wednesday Ken, Judy, and Wanda Wray stopped in at Mabel's to report on the Christmas concert they attended at Alexander School where they enjoyed family members' participation.
Daniel Brick was here from Virden to check in with Grandma Mabel again this past week and on Saturday,  granddaughter Lenna Wray was home from Niverville, MB so she and mom Wanda and brother Tyler had another good get together here with Mabel too.
Art and Gwen Tucker spent an afternoon last week at the PCH with family members to mark the 92nd birthday of Ken Lee. He was pleased to also have his sister, Jean Sterling, and his daughters Joyce Davies from Virden, and Beth from Morden. Alan and Barb were with them too.
Cecil Greig accompanied Brian and his family to Brandon on Saturday where he will be a guest of his daughter Marilyn and family for a few days, and also keep some appointments while there.
Bunty and Audrey Allen were pleased to attend the Dance and Jam Session at the hall last Thursday afternoon and joined many friends there. They also were among the many friends who gathered to wish Nelda Wilkinson 'the best' on Saturday too.
Emily Elliot of Napinka stopped in for a brief visit with her grandparents last week one day, and grandson, Daniel Evans, spent Monday with Burt and Beth Elliot too while he is home to Boissevain from his studies at Brandon University.
Fred Berry went to Reston on Sunday where he checked out things at the farm again.
Kay Herbert has had her niece Cindy Philip from Brandon here with her for a few days and they also spent time with Tom at the Health Centre too.
Ruth Townsend enjoyed the company of several family members and friends during the past week again. Last Thursday, Harvey Campbell came and took Lois Bugg, Kay Herbert, and Ruth to their home at Pierson when he and Diane hosted a pre-Christmas social afternoon for friends from the Pierson Lodge.
Velma Campbell and Leona Bevan were also guests and much fun was had when everyone wore Santa hats, which were very much a part of the contests and entertainment. Then the sumptuous goodies were enjoyed too.

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