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The Council for the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood held its Regular Meeting of the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 with the following members Present: Deputy Mayor Sandra Denbow, Councillors Detlef Eissner, Donald Brown, Darcy Gerow, William Tanguay, Todd Walker

and CAO Charlotte Parham. Regrets: Mayor Darryl Jackson. Access TV: Present.

 This is a partial accounting of the meeting. A full account is on file at the office and can be viewed by anyone during regular office hours.

The following motions were approved:

• that the agenda be adopted as presented.

• that the minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held January 22nd, 2019 be adopted as circulated.

• that the Regular Council Meeting be recessed and that Council proceed with the Public Hearing to deal with the Variation Order Application No.  2019-01 for Desc SE 33-08-21 – David Kirkup and Jacqueline Kirkup. No written or verbal submissions “for or against” were received. Notification was given as required by The Planning Act, of the Hearing and of their right to make representation. The variation application for Desc SE 33-08-21WPM was reviewed by the board.

• that the Public Hearing does now adjourn and Council continue with the Regular Meeting.

• that the Council for the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood authorizes the approval of the application of

David Kirkup and Jaqueline Kirkup - Variation Application Order No. 2019-01

a) To reduce the required minimum site area for the residual   of Parcel D Plan 50934 from 80 acres to 2.59 acres; and b) To reduce the required minimum site area for the residual of Parcel A Plan 35624 from 80 acres to 2.17 acres; As required for the approval process of: Subdivision Application # 4449-16-7750

Location: SE ¼ 33 – 8 – 21WPM


• Souris-Glenwood Memorial Complex Operating Board member, Colin Dunbar and Councillor Darcy Gerow presented the 2017-18 operating statement and annual report and 2018-19 operating and capital budgets. A list of capital items was also reviewed.

• approve for payment list of accounts: a. to December 31st, 2018 represented by Cheque Nos. 10005202 to 10005208 - $13,323.05;  b. to February 12th, 2019 represented by Cheque Nos. 100005209

to 100005266 - $ 195,293.73; c. Payroll Deposits January 4-February 1, 2019 - $102,120.10

for a total of $ 310,736.88.   

• to approve the following demolition permit as recommended by the Building Inspector: 2019-01 – SE 08-08-20WPM - 43082 Road 118 - Demolition of Existing Pump Station Building and that Council approve the following building permits as recommended by the Building Inspector: Location: SE 08-08-20WPM - 43082 Road 118 - Enbridge Pipelines Inc. 2019-03 Construction of Maintenance Building; 2019-04 Construction of Control Building; 2019-05 Placement of Temporary Construction Trailers.

• to approve the following building permit as recommended by the Building Inspector: 2018-27 - Lot 3 Plan 49546 – 66 3rd Avenue West Renovation – Conversion of Garage to Hair Salon

• to approve the following building permit as recommended by the Building Inspector:  2019-02 - Lot 2 Plan 48101 – 74 Pine Avenue East Construction of detached Storage Shed

• the public tendering process has been completed for the loading, hauling and stockpiling of approx. 9,000 cubic yards of crushed gravel from Speers Pit to 3 locations within the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood; eight tenders were received and reviewed; in accordance with the municipality’s Purchasing Policy No. 04-2015; Council  awards the tender of Rogers Custom Contractors/6794832 MB Ltd in the amount of $9.25 per cubic yard.                               

• Council support the request of the Souris Curling Club to obtain a Community Event Permit for March 27th – 31st, 2019 for the Souris Survivor Bonspiel to be held at the Souris & Glenwood Memorial Complex.

•to adjourn to meet again on Tuesday, February 26.



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