Previous owner of the Melita New Era remembers it fondly

In 1899, a time when there was no television, and all people could do was read, the Melita New Era paper was called The Western Progress. Kathy McKague, loving the paper for its history in the Town of Melita where she grew up, decided to buy it in 1986.

  McKague managed and ran the production of the paper, and wrote the occasional story herself for the six years she owned the paper. Originally starting out as a teacher she had bought the paper because she felt she needed a change in her career, and she ended up owning a number of community papers until 1992 when she sold the Melita New Era.

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  At the time McKague had owned the paper, the Town of Melita was a little different than it is now. There were three grocery stores, three car dealerships, a hotel in town, and a “boom” taking place. The average paper she produced was 44 pages and once a week

  Her reason for the sale was she was offered a good price for it, and she felt it was time to sell. The world was on the brink of exploding with the Web being launched online to the public in 1991. All of new technology that was soon to be in place in the regular work place, and all the changes that would take place, were something she felt better left to the new owners to implement. No one at that time even new if the World Wide Web would be a success.

  Remembering it as a happy time, and having retirement and travel her mind, not to mention new relationships, Kathy McKague thinks the paper is improving and likes to see it continue still to this day.

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