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  On Friday, Sept 8 a special assembly was held to recognize those students that worked hard academically, athletically, in band and within the school community during the 2016/17 school year.

  Honor Roll certificates were presented by Mr. Schiltroth. These students had an overall average of 80%.

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Grade 7 – Izzy Watt, Kelsey Vandenberghe, Eric Halls, Spencer Duncan

Grade 8 – Brooke-lynn Rowand, Jessica Kristof, Kirsten Issac, Hailie McLean Forbes, Brooke Poirier, Shenesa Poirier

Grade 9 – Travis Wong, Josh Walker, Haleigh Vandenberghe, Hunter Hiebert

Grade 10 – Mackenzie Poirier, Kallie-Jo Marsh, Ceilidh Brockman, Serena Campbell

Grade 11 – Brayden Gervin, Ethan Campbell, Jasmine Hamel, Jayson Brockman, Kyle Campion

  Ms. Main presented Junior Athlete of the Year Awards to Brooke-lynn Rowand and Carlo Reyes. Unfortunately Carlo was not in attendance.

  Mrs. Gervin presented Band Awards to :

Grade 7 – Izzy Watt

Grade 8  - Jessica Kristof

Grade 9 -  Marianne Quitiong

Grade 11 – Jasmine Hamel

  Mrs. Wray presented Reach Awards. These are to recognize individuals that are positive role models within their classes and take the opportunity to contribute to the school culture.

Grade 7 – Spencer Duncan

Grade 8 – Brooke-lynn Rowand

Grade 9 – Hunter Hiebert

Grade 10 –Kallie-Jo Marsh

Grade 11 – Kyle Campion

  Mrs. Thompson presented the Academic Awards. These are given to the individuals within a grade that have the highest average.

Grade 7 – Izzy Watt

Grade 8 – Jessica Kristof

Grade 9 – Hunter Hiebert

Grade 10- Serena Campbell

Grade 11 – Ethan Campbell & Jasmine Hamel

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