Two babies to greet, students home and apples at Evergreen

Miniota By Bev Peel

Belated Sympathy to Ralph and Linda (Thompson) Heaman and families in the passing of Ena Thompson at Red Deere, Alta. in March. Also, to daughter, Myrna and Basil Martin of Red Deer, Alta. Ena's husband, Bill Thompson use to drive the school bus out in the Wynona area and she went along so if the children had any injuries they were well looked after as she was a nurse!

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Tanya (Oliver) and Brad Barns of Birtle had a baby girl on April 4, "Remi Leigh", a sister for Ruger Barns and a half sister for Keegan and Bryleigh Barns. Congratulations to the all the family.

Nat and Kristy Howard had a baby girl, "Adaline Rae-Anne" on April 7, a sister for Callan and Jayce. Proud Grandparents are David and Dorothy Howard, and Al Richie of Carberry. Also, congratulations to many aunt's, uncle's and cousins.

Ruth Howard has moved home from Winnipeg because of getting laid off from her two jobs due to COVID-19.

Nicole Peel has also moved home because her job in Winnipeg has closed.

Congratulations to Great Grandma Sandra Nash, on the birth of "Wilkes Gregory" Nash on April 12, a son for Brendan and Keri Nash at Kamloops B.C. Congratulations also to Great uncle Andy Nash and Great Aunt Christa Nash.

Because the Drop In is closed, there’s no Birthday Day gathering! However, 10 ladies stood six feet apart in front of Leah O'Callaghan's house on April 15 and surprised her, singing Happy Birthday and holding up a five-foot "Happy Birthday" banner.   

Welcome to Duncan Lelond and Jenn Cousins who have moved into their new house in Miniota with family - Daryin, Addison, Adrianna, Ashlyn and baby "Finn John Lelond" who was born on Dec. 28, 2019 weighing nine pounds.

On April 19, a terrible windy day, people stood six feet apart outside of Glen and Marg Still's apartment with a five-foot banner to sing, in order to wish Glen a Happy 90th Birthday! We think he enjoyed that rather than a come-and-go tea which had to be cancelled. Later that afternoon six of his family also gathered at a distance to wish him all the best.

 Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

How does one write a report when everyone is in isolation? But I can report once again, that nothing has changed with this pandemic going on. In spite of it, the residents at Evergreen keep positive attitudes. This way we encourage one another. We have been given this time to do just that.

During hard times we tend to feel closer to one another, as a family. This cannot be taken from us

and it can remain, even after we have a free life again.

Truthfully speaking, we all try and make the most of this strange way of life, but we do look forward to being able to live a normal life again. I wonder, and ponder, ‘will our normal be different than before?’

Today I send a bouquet to Sherald Joynt, our manager. We appreciate all the hard work she is doing here. She has difficult decisions to make. No doubt this pandemic time is a hard time for you, Sherald. You are here for so many of us, but keep on being friendly and helpful. We thank you.

 Our Activity director gave the gentlemen a washed, clean apple for an apple-head carving contest. Some took the bait, some just ate. It was their choice.

Your reporter had thrown out a challenge to write a little piece of poetry, be it two lines or more.  One man gave this:  "Same old! Same old!"; A lady gave this: "No news is good news!"

Such talent! Thank you.

Quote for the Day:

"A bell is no bell 'til you ring it.

A song is no song 'til you sing it.

And love in your heart

Wasn't put there to stay

Love isn’t love 'til you give it away." - By Oscar Hammerstein 


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