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Evergreen Place

By Irene Rowand

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The Evergreen has been a busy place the last few months with some people moving out and others coming in.

The children from two different summer camps came and entertained us with singing, dancing, games and colouring. Lots of fun and much enjoyed.

The August birthday party was held on the 23rd, with three birthdays – Agnes Freeman, Dale Hill and Michael Campbell. Ed Clayton and Friends played some Old Time music that we all enjoyed, followed by cake and ice cream.

A restaurant in Virden brought in supper for us on the 21st. We enjoy the fresh vegetables people have been bringing in. Thank you so much, friends!

Miniota News

By Susan Poppel

It was nice to see a little rain however it did slow harvest down a bit.

Visiting with Muriel and Ernie Stowe is Maggie MacDonald from Memphis Tennessee.

Parkissimo Lodge News

By Dorothea Amy

Five people from the Lodge joined with 20 others at Andy and Christa Nash’s campsite at the Miniota Golf Club and Campground for a delicious barbecue lunch. We enjoyed our day out even with the cooler weather and even “Molly”. 

We have appreciated all the people who have brought various fruits and vegetables to us at the Lodge.

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