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Kenton by Paulette Wiens

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, Woodworth Senior Services (WSS) Coordinator Colleen Elliott and her board members, the Ladies Auxiliary and the Kenton and Area Lions Club helped in holding a Valentine lunch at the Kenton Memorial Hall at 12 noon. You could purchase tickets on two door prizes, gift baskets - one for ladies and one for men. Lucky winners were Torie Carter for the men’s basket and Bob Curtis for the ladies’ basket. Punch was provided as a refreshment before lunch.

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A delicious roast beef (with Yorkshire pudding), roast pork meal and all the trimmings were provided to approximately 40 people plus takeouts. Meat carvers were Keith Bennett and his daughter Sandy. The Ladies Auxiliary helped with the food and the Kenton and Area Lions Club poured coffee and tea to the diners. Colleen Elliott said the Grace before the meal and thanked everyone for coming. She said that without the help of all those involved the event may not have taken place as she had to be away on a family matter. She was back in time to welcome everyone.

In our community, when help is needed people always rise up to meet any occasion.

Deepest sympathy from the community is extended to Colleen Elliott on the passing of her brother Don Elliott.

Brierwood Creek Cafe and Grill hosted a Valentine supper on Wednesday, Feb. 14. Owner Lisa Hemrica said 30 people attended the evening. The cafe was beautifully decorated with the Valentine theme, where good food and visiting completed a lovely evening. Lisa was appreciative for all those who came to the supper.

Princess Lodge

By Bernice Graham

Recent visitors with Marge Tapp were Alisha and Zachary Gillies of East St. Paul and Karen Naumiuk of Winnipeg.

Ray Everett of Brandon visited with Donna Everett and Ethel Bowles this past week.

Two great nieces and one nephew were recent visitors with Ed and Hazel Wadham.

The residents enjoyed a catered chicken supper on Monday by the Gopher Creek Café.


By Bev Peel

The Miniota Drop In hosted a floor Shuffle Tournament on Feb. 13 with their local shufflers and six visitors from Birtle. A good time was had by all, good friends, good fun and good food! The A-side winners were Karen Marshall and Faye Tomiski - Leila Darker was first and Ruth Teasdale second. B-side winners were Don Darker and Dorthy Argue first, with Iris Bamford and Sylvia Jewar second. There had been two and a half inches of snow overnight and minus nineteen degrees.

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