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May 31, 2019 edition

Miniota by Bev Peel

Belated 50th anniversary congratulations to Robert and Brenda Still of Isabella, and Mac and Pat Lelond of Arrow River.

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On May 22 - 23, several people from Prairie View Municipality helped clean up the Silver Bend Trail.  Thanks to Jenny Kuemper for organizing the cleanup. Also, a big thank you to Sid Roberts, Alan Wilson and his outdoor education class, and others for helping. The cleanup will continue in June.

Christa Nash, Miniota MMSS Co-ordinator, organized craft days where seniors made solar lights. The first day they painted designs on a flower pot and shellacked it. The second day they glued a solar light to the bottom of the flower pot. Quite a work of art!

Some of the Miniota Museum board members cleaned the Museum house, ready for tours by contacting the Miniota Municipal office any time, now. A grant was received from Prairie View Municipality for upgrades to the museum.

The Drop In also received a grant from Prairie View Municipality for exterior repairs.

A grant was also received from "Healthy Together Now" to provide for Green Space Summer Recreation in the Memory Garden, with funding provided by the Manitoba Government. The Memory Garden will soon be buzzing with activity - horseshoes, croquet, lawn darts, washer throw, ladderball, etc. Come, join in the fun every evening.

The Miniota Sports grounds have been busy in the evenings with baseball of different ages participating, with a real nice gathering of children, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and friends to cheer them on.

Princess Lodge by Bernice Graham

Brian and Sandy Heaman took Joyce Heaman out for supper on Mother’s Day.

On May 19, Sally and Delbert Bowles of Elkhorn and Ethel Bowles visited with Donna Everett in Brandon Hospital on Sunday and enjoyed supper at Humptie’s.

On May 18 and 19, Irene Magotiaux had company from Medicine Hat: Richard and Kassy Magotiaux and also Ed and Laura Magotiaux from Kenosee Lake, Sask.

Last weekend, visitors with Marge Tapp were Matt, Alisha, and Zachary Gillies of East St. Paul, and Shawn Kozarchuk and Karen Naumiuk from Winnipeg.

On Tuesday, May 21, Donna Bajus and Sharon Adair visited Aunt Marge Tapp.

May 17 to 20, home for the long weekend to help Alene Welch celebrate her March birthday were all her family: Norma and Don Cole of Red Deer, Murray of Rocky Mountain House, Warren and Michelle, Caden and Trenton of Langdon, Edy and Wayne Clayton of Brandon, Laura Clayton of Strathclair, and Wesley and Leilanie Clayton of Winnipeg. It was a wonderful time together. 




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