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Gardening is on the forefront

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Garden projects are a feature for communities.

Monday seems to be my day to write the weekly report for Evergreen. Today is May 25th.

The main activities this past week is definitely seeding and planting the gardens. The weather has been so perfect - plant, rain and sunshine! Soon we will see the results of all the hard work.

The glad bulbs Phyllis Gompf planted last week are beginning to show. And her garden is coming right along too. The flowers around the front door and under the windows in the back are showing their lovely colors.  My Grow a Row jalapenos are looking great. It is a joy seeing seeds and gardens come alive.

On Saturday, Sherald Joynt was at her sister’s, Val Smith and Barry Stuart, for supper.

Mike Campbell is going to Winnipeg on Wednesday for another doctor’s appointment.

Eileen Price visited her son in Onanole.

Here are some things that happened on May 25 in years gone by:

  • 1844 - The gasoline engine was patented by Stuart Perry
  • 1927 - Ford Motor Company announced the Model A would replace the Model T
  • 1935 - Babe Ruth hit his final homerun, his 714th and set a record that would stand for 39 years
  • 1967 - The Dude Coral in Loveland, CO raised their coffee from 10 to 15 cents; some coffee drinkers refused to come back.
  • 1985 - Bangladesh was hit with a hurricane and tidal wave that killed more than 11,000 people
  • 1989 - Calgary Flames won their first NHL Stanley Cup by defeating the Montreal Canadians.

Today, at Evergreen, ABC Fire is doing the annual check of smoke detectors and heat detectors in every suite. Some 15 detectors had to be replaced.

Since I have a May birthday this quote is just right, Quote for the Day: "As soon as you feel too old to do something … do it and prove yourself wrong.” - Honey Child