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YOUR COMMUNITY: Miniota held a Jack and Jill golf tournament

Miniota held their 4th Jack and Jill golf tournament; families celebrate their young ones; others mourn loss and still others are enjoying the little things in life like fresh veggies and activities.
Miniota course 03
Miniota Golf Course hosted a Jack & Jill Tournament. It was their fourth such friendly competitive tourney.

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

"Happy September! May this month be filled with sunny days, laughter and lots of love."  - Anonymous

This last weekend may have many different memories for you. It's the 20th anniversary of 9/11 when two commercial airliners crashed into the New York World Trade Center twin towers and the Pentagon. That is a sad memory.  Then we are always made aware of where we are at with the coronavirus and all the restrictions we have to live with. Also, kind of depressing.

I choose to think of this weekend being National Grandparents Day. It is an annual holiday that falls on the first Sunday after Labour Day. That is today. It was first formally suggested in 1969, when 9-year-old Russell Capper sent a letter to President Nixon advocating for a dedicated day for grandparents. Thank you, Russell. You did a good thing.

Most residents here at Evergreen are grandparents. They are special. Apparently, grandparents can get away with a little spoiling which gives them a special place in a child's heart. Grandparents tell great stories. They like to share family’s history and pass on family traditions, telling grandchildren how life used to be. In the Common Room this morning I asked the residents there how many remembered their grandparents and how they had made their living. These were the answers I got: a few had been farmers, a school teacher, oil field workers, running a livery stable, a Lighthouse keeper in Nova Scotia, and one was a town councillor in Germany. I thought all would have been farming. Not so.

We had an Advance Poll for our Federal Elections in our Common Room this past week. Most everyone was out to put in their vote. Now we wait for the outcome.

O yes, the trees around Evergreen got sprayed as planned last week.

Someone gave me this Harry Potter quote a while back, " Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only we remember to turn on the light." This kind of happened here on Sept. 11 when our windows were washed on the outside. That was like turning on the light. It has given us a brighter outlook on life! It was kind of entertaining watching Julien and Joel Desjardins working at it. Thank you, guys, for giving us this happiness as the quote says.

Terri Mills went to Miniota yesterday to her granddaughter Piper's second birthday. They called it a Teddy Bear's Picnic. This is what grandma's do.

 Many times, we have found fresh vegetables brought to our front hall. For those who thought of us this way, Thank you.

Announcement for the members of Virden Book Club: We are starting to meet again on Thursday, October 2, at 1pm at the library. Bring one book you have read since our last meeting. See you there, ladies.

Quote for the Day: " Life is about ignoring negativity, accepting what you can't change, sharing joy, laughing with friends, loving your family and being happy with what you have."

Miniota News By Linda Clark

Congratulations to Ted and Anna Oliver on the birth of their son, Samuel Paul on Sept. 8 at Brandon, a little brother for James. Congratulations also to grandparents Jim and Susan Allen, Hamiota, Darcy Oliver, Miniota and Noreen Oliver, Brandon and great grandparents Sheila Norman and Don and Jan Robertson. Welcome Sam!

Miniota friends extend their deepest sympathy to Jack and Mary Reynolds and their daughter Jackie of Kelowna B.C. on the death of their son and brother James Reynolds. A service was held at Portage la Prairie where James was a music teacher with the school division. Jack and Mary then travelled to the Miniota Cemetery to inter their son’s ashes.

Congratulations to Scott Swiston, son of Kathy Taylor and Tom Swiston, and Katherine Nixon, who were married on Sept. 4 at Sylvan Lake Alta. Taylor family members attending the wedding were David and Dorothy Howard, Delbert and Pat Cole, Gerrie Taylor, Nat and Kristy Howard and Adeline, Jill Warkentin, Courtney Howard, Ruth Howard and Jay Stevenson, Joan Taylor, and Jacquie Scantlebury and friend Colin. Interesting fact is the bride Kat has a connection to this area being the great-great-great-granddaughter of J.F. Tennant. When Edward and Beth Lelond purchased the Tennant house in Arrow River they became the recipients of several pieces of furniture and property of the former family. Edward and Beth gifted the groom and bride an old Tennant trunk filled with memorabilia for which the bride and her family were most grateful.  Some of the Miniota guests also enjoyed a visit with Ken Peel at Sylvan Lake and Rene McKean at Bentley, Alta. 

Brad, Stephanie, Anna, Charlotte and Jack Cole have returned to their winter home at Caron Port, Sask. where Brad coaches the school hockey team and Anna will attend Grade 1.

This past Saturday with perfect weather, Miniota was a hub of activity with the town-wide garage sales. Folks had the opportunity to shop at 16 vendors. This event was organized by the Miniota Learning Discoveries Centre.

As well, the Miniota Golf Course held their 4th annual Jack and Jill Tournament on Saturday afternoon. Twenty-four pairs took part in the fun day. The results were as follows: 1st George and Shawnda Kreiser; 2nd: Murray Foster and Irene Clark; 3rd: Dale O’Greysik and Brooke Frederick; Longest Putt: Dale O’Greysik and; Closest to the Pin: Carson Brown. Congratulations to the winners!

As the campaign promises heat up for the upcoming federal election, I think of these words by Jack Layton, NDP leader prior to his death. “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic and we’ll change the world.” We head to the polls on September 20th.