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VCI’s Student of The Month of May

Grades 9 through 12

 Gr. 9

Garett Krieser

Garett Krieser is currently 14 years old, in Gr. 9 at VCI. He likes the woodworking class offered, as he likes being able to use his hands to build a final product. He enjoys how much more freedom you have here at VCI compared to VJH. He takes on the responsibility well.

Krieser is very talented and passionate about musical theatre. He is in the VCI Choir class; he enjoys being part of such a great group and plans to join Sound Investment next year, with his finely tuned voice.

He had one of the main roles in High School Musical Junior as Troy Bolton. He was a principal character “Pugsley Addams” in VCI’s recent production of The Addams Family Musical. We wish him good luck in all the future musicals that he will take part in.

You can find Krieser at many places around town, he is quite busy! He could be at one of his many occupations/activities: reffing, playing hockey (as a goalie for the Virden Bantam team), umpiring ball and sometimes working at Papa’s Place where he washes dishes.

He also enjoys going out to the Assessippi ski hill to go snowboarding! He plays Fortnite with friends in spare time. He is outgoing, kind and trustworthy. You can count on students like Garett Krieser, here at VCI.

Gr. 10

Abbey Tomlinson

Abbey Tomlinson is 16 years old, in Gr. 10 at VCI and is on the honour roll. Her average is around 80 per cent. She likes art classes because they are fun and you get to be creative. She enjoys English class, you get to put your life experiences into projects. She does well in both of her favorite classes. She wants to travel abroad or be a tour guide after high school.

Tomlinson is very involved with school extracurricular groups and activities. She is on Student Council as an extra hand to help out wherever needed. She is on the Social Justice Committee - she helped with the food drive at the start of the school year and went with them at Christmas time to Canupawakpa.

During this last school year Tomlinson played Middle on the JV volleyball team, was a Post on the JV basketball team and prefers to play defense for soccer. She is part of the VCI choir and enjoys singing. She paints and crafts in her spare time to express herself.

Not only is Tomlinson involved with the school but with the community as well. In Gr. 8 she helped the Food Cupboard by making baskets for the families. She also assisted six-year-olds in Virden Dance Club from October to March and is now helping coach a Gr. 1-2 soccer team. This summe, starting in June, she will be working at the Virden Pool as a lifeguard instructor.

She is very kind, helpful, caring and laid-back. Her dedication is truly appreciated. Thank you Abbey Tomlinson for being so involved in the community and school.




Gr. 11

Paige Sandy

Paige Sandy is in Gr. 11 at VCI and is 17 years old. She enjoys English Language Arts. She believes the class opens up many opportunities, it expands her interest in writing. Writing makes her feel calm. She enjoys how the teachers are so welcoming and how they help support us and are positive role models.

Sandy is a very caring and influential individual. She helps volunteer with the lunch program at VCI, providing food for the students that don’t have lunches. She says we need energy to work to perform well in school. She buys the groceries and cleans up. Wendy Bansescu is her supervisor for the program. This is a remarkable program she is helping with, Sandy is exceptional for helping so well.

She has a family cooking class at Canupawakpa. She cooks with other families on the reserve during which they can tell stories and make sure they are in a good place. She likes to help the little kids cook. Sandy participates in Culture Day also on the reserve. She wants to help kids to realize there are more opportunities off the reserve as well. She says we should all build, grow and love as a community no matter where we are. She is wise beyond her years.

Sandy enjoys reading when she gets bored. She likes to talk to her grandma and shows respect to her elders. She plays her PS4 with her sisters in her spare time or listens to music. She enjoys Pow-Wows for the elegant colors of their outfits, and the loyalty they have to their culture. She was recently a part of a healing ceremony and liked when the four Grandfathers came down and talked to the young kids. The Grandfathers appreciate the kids, knowing they have respect for their culture.

Sandy is open minded, optimistic, caring and loyal. She has so much respect for her culture and will be a great elder one day.

Gr. 12

Will Draper

Will Draper is an 18-year-old Gr. 12 student. He was on the honour roll for Gr. 11 and is expected to again be on the honour roll this year. His favorite course, ever, was cinema as a witness, where the class watched historical movies and events and did a review of the movie. He really enjoyed comprehensive English, as he really liked the writing aspect and giving an opinion; he feels it is a very useful course. His favorite part about VCI is the theatrical productions and performances that we put on in Virden.

Draper plans to go to the University of Regina majoring in Film Production under Media Arts Performance. He hopes to achieve a Bachelors of Arts degree which a four-year program.

            Draper is very involved in extracurricular activities. He was a part of the Golden Bears Golf and Curling teams and does very well in these sports. He was part of The Addams Family, performing as principle character “Mal Beineke”, where he did a fantastic job in playing his part. He sings bass in the VCI choir and is one of the head barbequers for Student Council.

In his spare time outside of VCI, Will has volunteered and worked at the Virden Curling Rink for six years. He cleans ice, works at the canteen, or anything asked of him. He also volunteered to lay sod for the Virden Golf Course. For the last four years he has worked at the Oak Island Golf Course. Will keeps quite busy!

            One of Draper’s hobbies is playing Fortnite with his friends. He also golfs and curls at men’s nights. He loves listening to music and prefers listening to it on a record. His favorite record is Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning” which was one of his most prized possessions, found on the trip to Europe that he took last year. In his spare time he also enjoys watching movies and going to garage sales.

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