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Ag Society approaches Council

The Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth met on Dec. 14 where they heard information from the Virden Ag Society and other matters.
Representing the Ag Society delegation at the RM of Wallace-Woodworth meeting, (l-r) Darcy Strain, Dick Reeves and Grant Gee with council and staff seen in the background.

The Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth held their regular council meeting at the municipal office on Dec. 14. The reeve and all councilors, along with staff, were present in person.

The audit for the year has been completed and council can now settle outstanding accounts. Motions were passed authorizing internal transfers and payments for infrastructure projects, like road improvements and the Elkhorn lagoon.


A delegation from the Ag Society, Darcy Strain, Everett More, Grant Gee and Dick Reeves attended to bring a proposal. Secretary Treasurer Darcy Strain stated that in 2021 the Ag Society was able to run events because their facility is outdoors. The Manitoba Barrel Racing Association finals brought in enough funds to cover the insurance for the coming year. The Ag Society is in arears for insurance payments made by the RM in past years. They are asking council to forgive the arears and they will not expect any grants from the RM for five years. The Ag Society feel that they will be able to handle ongoing expenses, including insurance once the burden of arears is removed.

Everett More added that after a successful draft horse show, the outdoor facility “was busy every weekend for 6 weeks” and that the Virden site is “the best outdoor facility in Manitoba or eastern Saskatchewan.”

Council will discuss the proposal and Reeve Canart said. “We certainly want to be of the greatest assistance that we can” and hoped to help the Ag Society “move forward in a successful way.”


At their November 10 meeting the RM of Pipestone passed a resolution proposing construction of a dam on Pipestone creek. The resolution addressed the issue of restricted flow to the creek due to the dam at Moosomin. A public meeting to discuss this resolution was scheduled for Dec. 16. Wallace-Woodworth would be impacted by a dam on Pipestone Creek, and Reeve Canart and Councilor Stambuski agreed to attend.


Council discussed the implications of new standards for first responders. They will develop a resolution to permit volunteer fire departments to develop a Medical First Response program which can be deployed by 911 with a lower level of training and more limited scope of practice than an EMR.

Noting that the Hargrave post office will close at the end of this month, council proposed recommendations about the placement of the new mailboxes to ensure that road maintenance and snow clearing could be done efficiently, and that street lighting would be available.

The Woodworth fire department hall expansion is nearing completion. Council shared concerns about compatible air packs and masks for the fire department. Reeve Canart commented that different versions of air packs do not allow sharing of masks with other versions. This could be a dangerous situation if one user ran out of air and wanted to buddy with another user by clipping a mask onto a working air pack. New versions of the devices will be required to be compatible and existing equipment will be updated.