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Archers take on safari style shoot

The targets look so real

Members of the Fort la Bosse Archery Club, Dale and Jaxon Chadney, Dave, Hunter and Skylar Andries attended the R100 shoot on June 3-6 in Bismarck, ND. 
Dale Chadney said, “This is an amazing shoot that tours many states all over the USA featuring many life-size safari animals (giraffe, hippo, zebra, rhino etc.). We came away with some good placings and some sore and tired shooters.”
Averaging 9.2 km per day through tough terrain and very challenging shots, Skylar achieve a 2nd place, Jaxon a 7th, Dave a 7th, Hunter a 17th and Dale a 13th placing. 
“Not bad considering the terrain, distance and different format than Canada,” says Dale Chadney. Last week, Dale and Jaxon also attended a great shoot in Moosomin put on by Fleming Archery Club. 

The Fort la Bosse club will be hosting the Manitoba 3D Outdoor Provincials again at Eternal Springs on Aug. 21. 

Unfortunately, due to recent rainfall impacting course conditions, Brandon Wildlife Association has been forced to cancel their June 19th Father's Day 3D Shoot.