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“Canada’s Got Talent” comes to Reston!

Herbert Henries and Scott Portious are scheduled to bring funny

In a Split Decision comedy tour, Herbert Henries and Scott Portious are scheduled to bring funny to Dennis County Café in Reston on May16.
Henries is hoping for an enthusiastic, curious crowd of spectators. He has appeared on Canada’s Got Talent. 
Scott Portious currently resides in Winnipeg and loves to travel and perform comedy acts any chance he can get. “I moved to Calgary for a little bit and came back to Winnipeg last December and am currently trying to get back into the process of doing what I love,” says Portious. “Comedy is something that I have been missing for a while and have just been waiting for the right time. It was 19 years ago on April 28, 2003 when I performed my first comedy act and Herbert, my alter ego, has been performing for about three months.”
Henries, on the other hand, is called a comedy-dangerist. He enjoys the daring and risk-taking adventure of knives being thrown at him with a blind fold on. “Anything that puts me in a compromising situation while I’m on stage,” replies Herbert. “When I was shopping in Dollarama, I (saw) a lot of props that I could use to build my act, so things just developed that way. I also like to get my audience involved in my shows, but only with their permission.”
Henries was a contestant on Canada’s Got Talent in Niagara, Ontario. “I was right across from Howie (Mandel), but I have been on stage alongside other comics when I lived in Calgary.” Herbert says he is not allowed to say what the outcome of the competition was. “I can just tell you that I did win a ten-dollar gift certificate for Tim Horton’s.” 
The Split Decision Tour will be Henries’ first tour and he is hoping he will find more work, but for now this will be the first one. “Hopefully in the future I will get some representatives who will book more tours and give me some more work.”
“I know with the show in Reston, it will be a pass the hat comedy act, so it will be whatever people want to donate to help me so I am not on the road to starvation,” says Henries. “There is no cost and I don’t know what to expect to be honest, but I am looking forward to it.”

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