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Canadian Flag deserves respect

Some timely advice
Canada's flag flies in Virden at the memorial for Queen Elizabeth II PHOTO/LINDSAY WHITE

Dear Editor,
Remembrance Day is fast approaching and now would be a good time to change out the current flag flying at your business, residence, or wherever if the said flag is faded, torn, soiled, or all three of those states. There is nothing worse than seeing our National Flag in such a condition on private or business property. We need some pride shown when we decide our residence or business is going to fly the National Colours.

I know for a fact that the Royal Canadian Legion in town tries hard to fly the Canadian and Manitoba flags free from being faded, torn, or soiled.
If you have a flag flying from a free standing flag pole then your flag should be the proper size so as to "NOT" allow it to be snagged by a tree or sign. There are several sizes to pick from here in Virden or at a flag shop ... and, for sure, on the World Wide Web.

Go take a look at what you are flying at the moment. I've seen some flags in town that are totally wrecked and I'm so tempted to take them down; but it's not my property and it's up to the owner of the residence or business to do something about it. There are folks in town who hold our National Flag in high esteem and then those who see it just as a decoration to spruce up property.

If you wish to learn more about flying the National Flag then there are websites that will tell you how to do it properly. Do some research!
Remembrance Day 2022 is less than a month away, so, let's make a good effort to purchase new flags for our flag poles. 

I have noticed, too, along with others that our Virden Post Office flags disappear ... the five-finger discount in the middle of the night, or what?  The Virden Post Office is presently waiting for a new flag to arrive. Let's hope this one stays up until it's faded, torn, or soiled and then is given a respectful end.

The Royal Canadian Legion will gladly take your old, faded, torn, or soiled flags and give them a very respectful end. Just drop them off any Thursday or Friday after 4 p.m. at the Virden Legion.
If you know of some residence or business that has forgotten about the flag that they are flying then drop some hints if it's presently in rough shape.

Let's have the Red Maple Leaf flag ... our National Flag ... flying proudly on Remembrance Day 2022 and put it at half-mast on that day, too, if you have a regular flag pole.

Kel Smith, CD, BA, BEd
Captain (Retired) Canadian Forces


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