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Community concerns and enjoyment

Your Community members of Evergreen Place and Miniota shares heartwarming stories and concerns for some.
07 - Your Community
Sandra Nash is one of the newest residents at Evergreen Place. She does a lot of sewing and quilting. This is a table center quilt she just finished for a grandchild.

Miniota By Linda Clark

It was noted in the Winnipeg Free Press that Rev. Bill Millar, former minister at Knox United in Winnipeg, has been awarded the Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for the Advancement of Inter-religious Understanding. Rev. Millar said of the award, “It’s saying that interfaith or inter-religious stuff in society matters.”  Rev. Millar was an intern in our area churches in 1977.  Congratulations, Rev. Millar.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Trevor Armitage and his son Nolan, both of whom have been patients in Winnipeg hospitals recently. Wishing you both the return of good health.

2022 has been off to a cold start with a great covering of snow, plus blowing winds and freezing temperatures. To ward off those January ‘blues’ this quote, “Be someone who shines with love, twinkles with kindness and glows with hope.”

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

It is Jan. 14, Ukrainian New Years Day. Here is my greeting in Ukrainian: z novym rokom

I grew up walking to school with Ukrainian friends: Orysia Tychonky, Helen Goshulak and Slavonia Burak. I know these names mean nothing to you who are reading my report, but today as I think back to those years, I wonder where my friends are. We need to keep in touch with friends of long ago. I feel the same about new friends, since I started going to church where I live now. I have many new friends and would like to keep in touch.
I would like to add this quote I read on Facebook: "Shoutout to people who compliment each other and genuinely mean it. Jealousy is unnecessary. Lift each other up. It is nice to be nice." Thankyou Michelle Nykoliation for posting it.
Evergreen Place has taken on a new look! I miss the Christmas decor in the halls and the Common Room. It is such a clean look. When the season changes so will the decorations.
Every six weeks the foot lady, Bonnie Crawford, comes to Evergreen. She came on Monday, Jan.10, and it seems I am walking is a bit peppier after a treatment. Thankyou Bonnie for coming faithfully.
Harold and Lynda Spring went to Rivers to have a meal with their family on Jan. 11.
Sandra Nash moved into Evergreen in 2021, from Miniota. Her husband was a pipeliner and so they lived in different parts of Canada but coming home was always Miniota. Sandra has a musical background. Now, besides reading and going to Virden Book Club, she sews and quilts. This is one of many beautiful table cover quilts she has designed and made recently. 

Some residents have arranged game evenings. Monday and Friday evening are game nights in the Common Room for whoever comes out. Wednesday evening is always Bingo which many enjoy. On Saturday evening there are some who play cards. We are keeping friendship alive this way.

Hard to believe the outdoor temperature was +4 on Tuesday. But all you walkers, isn't it great?

Quote for the Day: "Wave goodbye to the old. Embrace the new with hope, dreams and ambition." Once more, wishing you a year of happiness.