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Construction starts on Virden’s skate park

There's excitement in the air this fall as heavy equipment moved into the designated skatepark space.

Virden Skate Park committee is finally seeing the fruit of persistence and patience as planning and fundraising has made a way for construction that began on Sept. 7.

Lynette Grumpelt on behalf of the Skate Park committee said, “We're ecstatic to have the build underway.”

The committee says a supportive community has made this skate park project possible.

It was around eight or 10 years ago when a group of adolescents first began to voice their dream of a skate park, a place to hang out and hone their skills. The idea came in the shadow of the community’s efforts to build the sports complex that Virden now enjoys. The skate park didn’t get off the ground then, but that dream was not forgotten.

“The current committee came together in April 2016,” says Grumpelt, adding “but there had been a group working toward this goal prior to us who really got the ball rolling.”

Then Covid put up a road block. “We were actually funded and ready to build last year but were delayed due to Covid. Once the initial park build is completed, we will re-assess what funds are remaining to landscape a beautify the site, and some future fundraising may take place if required.”

The committee expects the 6500 sq. foot skate park build to be completed in five to six weeks. However, landscaping including laying sod will be a spring project.