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Dance fundraiser for Ukraine

You came to our aid as soon as we asked for it.


On May 6th, a dance fundraiser was held in support of Ukraine at the Oak Lake Community Hall. The RM generously donated the hall rental and the lunch was donated by the Virden dance group.

Fifty-five people attended and kept the dance floor full. Our efforts resulted in $1,366 worth of CAT tourniquets and tactical medical bags as well as medications.

Gina, Inna and Christina Abramova came and relayed to us the devastation the war has brought to Ukraine and how Canada and Canadians have and can continue to assist in the effort. They are truly grateful for our support. Gina and Inna immigrated to Hartney from Ukraine five years ago.

Inna’s message:

Canada has always been, is and, I am sure, will be our reliable partner in Ukraine. Partner of our land, our people of Ukraine, each of our families.

You came to our aid as soon as we asked for it. You are providing us with the weapons and other support we so desperately need now. You have imposed sanctions against Russia, truly moral. Really serious. However, we see with you that the war, unfortunately, continues. That Russian troops are not leaving our territory. You can see that our cities: Kharkiv, Mariupol are not as protected as your Edmonton and Vancouver. That means more needs to be done. Much! For peace. We all need to do more to stop Russia. To protect Ukraine and protect Europe from this total evil that is destroying everything: memorials, churches, schools, hospitals, neighborhoods and all our businesses. They have already killed 200 Ukrainian children!

This is a war against the people. It is against our people. This is a war to destroy everything that makes Ukrainians Ukrainians. Against our future. Against our character. Against our will. Everything that you Canadians know very well feels very well. So, I ask you: do not stop. Do not stop at helping Ukraine and trying to bring peace back to our peaceful land.

I thank you for your support. To everyone present in this hall. To every citizen of Canada. I am grateful to you who organized this event to support Ukraine. Grateful on behalf of all the Ukrainian people. I am sure that together – and only together – we will defeat all enemies.

We are now connected with the official organization in Morden, they send everything directly to Europe to Poland, from there volunteers take everything to Ukraine.

If you have something to donate (medical supplies and medication, protective and tactical gear, military boots, knee/elbow protection, ballistic eyeglasses, used tablets, power banks, and so on) please let us know and we will arrange the pick-up or drop-off in Hartney!

Our volunteer team stepped forward with an initiative to support displaced people from Ukraine. Our main goal is to welcome them to our friendly community and make their transition as smooth as possible. Many members of our community reached out to us, offering their generous donation. As Ukrainians are starting to arrive now, we came up with a plan as to how to collect and distribute your donations, as well as what items would be most helpful here.

1. Non-perishable food items

2. Personal hygiene products such as shampoo, body wash, skin lotion, mosquito repellent, sun screen, after sun lotion, diapers (will be providing details regarding sizes)

3. Over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil and first aid pharmacy supplies

4. Household cleaning supplies, such as brooms, mops, pails, etc.

5. Laundry and dish detergents and other common cleaning solutions

6. Bedding and towels in a new condition as we do not have a capacity to wash/sanitize/repair

7. Small appliances/items, such as, kettle, pots, pans, iron, ironing desk, hairdryer, etc.

8. Craft supplies for children and school supplies for students.

Due to our limited capacity, we are not able to accept clothing or items requiring a repair. We are currently working on how to channel this type of donation through other charitable organizations in our community. As families continue to arrive, we will be providing more details regarding their specific needs.

For more information contact Inna Abramova at 204-741-0573