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Dec. 10 Council Meeting for RM of Sifton

A Regular Meeting of the Council of the R.M. of Sifton was held on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020.
RM of Sifton office in the village of Oak Lake.

A Regular Meeting of the Council of the R.M. of Sifton was held on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020.


Please note, Council and staff of the RM of Sifton would like to sincerely apologize to friends and family of Rick Gabrielle, former Councilor, for mistakenly marking Rick’s name on September and November Council meeting minutes. Those minutes have since been corrected

Cody Denbow, Municipal Foreman, entered to update Council on activities: light road grading being done now to smooth out roads; staff using up holiday time; machine maintenance being done on graders, backhoe, mower arm, dozer undercarriage major work being planned for 2021 as undercarriage is 100% wore out; road check in SE RM of a previously flooded road between 139 to 138W could use some coarse materials applied now in order to work road in spring 2021; ordering inventory for 2021 culverts and other needed materials now due to potential price hike in January 2021 of steel.

Albert Logeot, Public Works/Utilities Foreman, attended to update Council on activities: Gas auger being fixed; tree trimming projects lined up; gator plow needs maintenance; road and sidewalk sanding to be done; could use sander for truck to apply to some RM roads; H2S monitor needs to be replaced and planning for safety training for 2021 planned – confined space and rescue, H2S risk management (training good for 3 years); need for brush mower for ditches, will cost price equipment purchase versus lease out work. Winter work for dumpster repairs and Reeve would like report evaluating status of all garbage bins.


The AMM Zoom meeting went well and covered basics of convention regarding elections, motions. Arena Board meeting presented the challenges of COVID-19 and impact on revenues and expenses. Arena to maintain ice surface and work on repairs until further Health Orders are available. Arena is seeking assistance from RM regarding lost revenues. New ice surface player entry doors are being put in.

Personnel Committee has annual reviews with staff and 2021 wages were discussed. Finance Officer to retire to part-time in April and new Finance Assistance is ready for the transition to full-time.

Several Councillors met via teleconference with Honorable Sarah Guillemard, Minister of Conservation and Climate to discuss management options for the control of erosion issues at Oak Lake Provincial Park Beach as well as the RM of Sifton partnering with the province to manage services for landscaping and janitorial services at Oak Lake Provincial Park.

CAO reviewed letter sent to Honorable Ron Schuler Minister of Infrastructure, regarding the status of the Oak Lake Dam and desire for a pedestrian walkway at Oak Lake Beach Resort. MI response stated that the dam is planned for maintenance repair for the winter of 2022/23 with repair options presented to the RM sometime in 2021. The pathway is something to look more into as it may involve private landowners.

Derelict properties are becoming an issue and would like more enforcement of RM Sifton Derelict Properties Bylaw. Also, Cairns located around the RM could use some landscaping and clean-up.

New Provincial Code of Conduct training deadline for Municipal Councils was reviewed.

The RM of Sifton will issue the following grants and sponsorships from the Municipal Grants Program: Crime Stoppers $120; Oak Lake Water & Fish Enhancement $1,000; OLCS Food for Thought $200; Oak Lake Golf Club $1,000; Oak Lake Minor Hockey $500; Oak Lake Busy Buddies 4-H $250; Oak Lake 4-H Beef Club $250; Oak Lake Rodeo Association $500; OL RCDB $500; Oak Lake Handi-Van $1,000; Oak Lake Curling Rink $500; Deleau Community Club (Park) $500; Military Service Recognition (Ad) $205; Oak Lake Legion $500.  

It was resolved to provide an extra operating grant for 2020 to the arena for $30,000 to help cover lost revenues and increased expenses due to COVID-19. CARRIED.

Council moved into a Committee of the Whole to sit as the Oak Lake-Sifton Fire Board.

The RM will purchase a boardroom table for the hall.

Council approves the Project Contribution Agreement for the Oak Lake S.O.S. Lighthouse program and Deputy Reeve, Larry Wallace and the CAO are authorized to sign it.

The payment of general account cheques, Direct Deposit payroll, and on-line payments, in the amount of $167,548.46, was approved.

Council approved month-to-date Accounts Payable listing.

David Houston entered the meeting. Public Hearing: Zoning Bylaw 1. ZONING MAP 1 of the Town of Oak Lake Zoning By-law No. 640, is hereby amended as follows: An area of land located south and east of Schwindt Street more particularly described as being located in Pt. Southeast Quarter Section 26, Township 9, Range 24 West of the Prime Meridian in the community of Oak Lake is hereby rezoned: FROM: “UN”- URBAN NON-RESIDENTIAL ZONE to: “AL”- AGRICULTURAL LIMITED ZONE. No concerns or issues noted from this zoning amendment.   (continued)

Council (continued) - By-Law No. 05-2020, Zoning Amendment, passed second and third readings. CARRIED.      

The Municipal Councils and School Boards Elections Act requires each Municipality to appoint a senior election official (SEO) who will be responsible to manage and Conduct all aspects of municipal elections and establish the rate of renumeration for the SEO and election officials. Lon Turner is hereby appointed to position of SEO for the RM of Sifton. Election officials will be paid the following rates:

Regular Election                By-election         OFFICIAL

$600.00                $200.00                SEO

$300.00                 $150.00                 ASSISTANT SEO

$200.00                 $100.00                 ENUMERATORS

$200.00                 $100.00                 POLL CLERKS

$250.00                 $125.00                 DEPUTY RETURNING OFFICERS


Council shall reimburse all election officials at $0.55/km issued for mileage expenses, all meals up to $50/day provided during election day and advanced polling, and any other election expenses as approved by Council.

The RM will give a $50 gift certificate for Co-op to the RM full time and part time staff in lieu of a Christmas appreciation event; as well as $25 gift certificate to the Co-op to all the OL-S Fire Department Volunteers.

The RM will request Technical and Financial Assistance from MWSB to undertake a sewer connection feasibility study evaluating options and costs to connect sewer lines from Cherry Point and Oak Lake Beach Resort to the RM of Sifton lagoon.  

The RM will enter into a one-year operating agreement for 2021 with the Government of Manitoba to provide Janitorial and Landscaping Services for the Oak Lake Provincial Park.