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Elkhorn School Graduation 2018

Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Principal of Elkhorn School Lance Barrate welcomed the large crowd attending Elkhorn School Gr. 12 Graduation, and introduced the grads as they entered the gym, announcing their credits and plans for the future.

After the singing of O Canada, Barrate spoke about and to the grads. He expressed his appreciation for their abilities in music, athletics, leadership and volunteerism. He encouraged them to enjoy and cherish the day, to take time to do the things that energize them, to believe in themselves and embrace challenges without being afraid to make mistakes. 

The grads had chosen the theme “Oh the Places You’ll Go” based on the Dr. Seuss book. The book mentions potential obstacles that may arise but the main message is to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead for each of the grads.


Greetings were brought from the Fort La Bosse School Division and the school board by trustee Margaret Walker and from the RM of Wallace-Woodworth by councillor Clayton Canart.

Representing the Government of Canada, MP Larry Maguire addressed grads encouraging them to “remember your friends, the ones you graduated with.” He reminded them that “you learn every day” and encouraged them to “continue to make volunteerism a part of your life.”


Valedictorian Mackenzie Shackel gave a humorous account of the lessons learned throughout 13 years in Elkhorn School - not only from the teachers but also from classmates.

He recounted lessons of sharing, singing and, “don't eat the glue!”  He concluded by saying childhood friends are friends for life and they help shape us into the people we become.

Fred Mclean and Ken Shackel spoke on behalf of the parents. “You may wear many hats as you go through life, some may not quite fit but try them anyway. Don't be afraid to fail and your parents will always stand with you.”

Diplomas were presented to the graduates followed by the presentation of awards and scholarships.


Diplomas were presented to the graduates followed by the presentation of awards and scholarships.

An annual scholarship of $2,000 was initiated this year in memory of the young Elkhorn School student so recently lost through a tragic accident. The award was is to be presented to a graduating student pursuing post-secondary education and who exhibits some of the characteristics memorable of Gavin Krieser – a cheerful, friendly and outgoing youth with a love for outdoor life and a passion for farming.