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First Year, an art display

See who's Arts Mosaic artist of the month and find other options for doing art yourself.
Art displayA
Typical of the artist’s work this is a 12x12 inch acrylic and collage on wood panel. Vendenberghe says this self-portrait is a final assignment in visual design. she explains: “Representing trauma and struggles, my damaged armour. The flower and butterflies juxtaposition against the masculinity usually perceived with a broad sword and armour.”

Are you hungry for visual art? Arts Mosaic has pieces from a new artist hung in the gallery entitled First Year.

Haley Vandenberghe is following her dream and has recently enrolled in a Fine Arts program.

Vandenberghe says, “I finally decided to do something that I have been contemplating for years.”  

At 30 she is in her first university year towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

She says, “A BFA isn’t a highly sought out degree. It’s a passion degree or a pre-emptive degree. When I was nearing the end of high school, I planned to go straight into my BFA, but my mom is practical. At that moment, I saw it as dream-crushing. Now, as a parent, I understand her anxiety and worry for me. I plan to finish my degree with a major in painting and move into the Education program to become a Weird Art Teacher.”

This Arts Mosaic show is an example of her current work that she accomplished during her first university term, along with some older pieces.

Vandenberghe says her study is “very fulfilling.” She finished her first term as an “A” student. Check out the gallery at

If you are hungry to create, Arts Mosaic offers workshops throughout the year to all ages and skill levels. Christa Milne says on the website, “We are currently offering workshops in person, and will be making take-home kits available in the near future.”

Virden’s gallery is located in the CPR Historic Centre at 425, 6th Ave. S.