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Four communities share their news

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On Wednesday, Oct. 5, Butch Fleury came to entertain at Evergreen Place with Western music

Princess Lodge By Janice Simpson

Grace Watson of Elkhorn and Myrna Dreger of Winnipeg stopped in to see Joyce Heaman on Oct. 5. Grace and Myrna also spent some time with their brother Len Collier and other family members that day.

Joyce Heaman went out to Brian and Sandy’s place for Thanksgiving, Oct. 10; it was nice to be together.

Janice Simpson was at Lori and Wayne Stuart’s place for Thanksgiving on Oct.10.

Kathryn Massina of Brandon visited her mum, Charmaine Rainey on Wednesday afternoon.

Murray and Valerie Milne of Saskatoon visited with Marge Tapp on Thanksgiving Monday. They had been to Winnipeg to visit Murray’s aunt, Isabelle Dryden, who is now 104 years old.

Kay Cross had a turkey supper with Dianne and Rob Wooldridge and family.

Larry and Colleen Magotiaux from Calgary, Cheryl Magotiaux from Qu'Appelle, Sask., Joanne Benedictson from St. Francois Xavier, Man., Ed and Laura Magotiaux from Kenosee, Sask. all visited their Mother Irene Magotiaux on the weekend.

Kenton By Karen Anderson

Laurel Lamb former Prairie West Recreation director held a "August Silly Walking Contest". Signs were located in Kenton and Lenore's communities as well as the surrounding areas. The procedure was to locate the sign, follow the directions on it and then enter the contest. The winner of the Silly Walking contest was Connor Elliott. He won the local prize of a $25 gift certificate from Brierwood Creek Cafe & Grill.

On Sept. 24, the regular foot clinic was held at the WSS office with seven clients including one new client.

The raised bed garden at the Kenton United Church has produced vegetables for the community. The beds have been cleaned up. Four kinds of tomatoes and the yellow beans produced well.

There are some tomatoes in the WSS office as well as other donated produce. Please call to check what produce is available here.

This year’s assistance with the raised bed gardening has been appreciated. This included spring compost by Ken Daniel, usage of the water from the Kenton United Church and volunteers to water the beds through the summer.

There has been changes to public health orders and there are new health system protocols. The changes came into effect on Tuesday, October 5 at 12:01 am. unless otherwise noted.

To increase COVID-19 preparedness and address the fourth wave, the province is taking three new steps to help reduce the virus’ transmission:

-moving to the restricted (orange) level on the pandemic response system;

-introducing additional public health orders that expand requirements for proof of immunization and reduce group sizes when unvaccinated individuals are present;

-implementing new patient protocols to ensure additional health system capacity when needed.

For more information, visit

It has been encouraging to have more local events in the communities.


Karen Anderson, Resource Coordinator

Woodworth Senior Services


Miniota News By Linda Clark

The Miniota community extends deepest sympathy to John and Barbara Lynn Hodgins and family, Ina Hodgins, and Myrna and Gordon Fox and family on the death of their father and grandpa, Jerry Hodgins, a resident at the Sherwood Personal Care Home in Virden. Jerry and his wife Edith farmed and were part of the Wynona district for many years.

Sympathy is also extended to Ruby Weber and her family on the death of her sister-in-law Leona Morgan of Virden.

What a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend we have been blessed with. Several families enjoyed outdoor celebrations.

Acknowledging our many blessings at this special time of the year, brings this quote to mind: “Gratitude is a vitamin for our emotional immune system. It innoculates us against the bruises of life by reminding us of what we have, and that we are enough.”

  Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

"I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." This is what Anne of Green Gables says in the movie. I agree with Anne Shirley, at least with this year’s October. We've had no frost so far. Even so, the beautiful gold leaves are falling off our trees already. Dalia Owen said, "Autumn leaves don't fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this, their only chance to soar."

Evergreen seemed quiet this last weekend. Having coffee in the Common Room on Monday morning, part of the topic of conversation was turkey. This tells me many have been able to go out to have a Thanksgiving meal with family.

How was your Thanksgiving Day? Have you been eating left over turkey for a week now? My daughter-in-law had the right idea. She prepared a meal of farm fresh chicken. It was so delicious with the home-made stuffing and gravy, fresh garden produce of potatoes, beets and carrots. And mother-in-law had the privilege of baking traditional pumpkin pie and cherry pie. My son gave the prayer of thanks before the meal. To add to family enjoyment, we had fun playing table games. Even Uno is quite hilarious when young and old play it together.

We have one October birthday at Evergreen. Happy Birthday to Janet Cross. I hope you have a party and enjoy birthday cake with family and friends.

Opal is the traditional birthstone for October. It is a small stone, easily altered in appearance by changes in heat and pressure. Various amounts of water within the opal determine the appearance of this gemstone. When water evaporates out of an opal, the stress of the evaporation creates cracks in it. The characteristic colors of opals come from impurities within the stone. The opal is called the Anchor of Hope or Cupid Stone. There you are Janet, your birthstone!

Bert Webb went to see his grandson AJ, who plays with the Golden Bears, in a game against Neepawa.

Irene Rowand came home from the hospital, and though recuperating can take time, she is doing well.

Three of the Evergreen residents went to the Virden Book Club, in the library on Thursday, Octo. 6. Terri Mills, Sandra Nash and Helen Martens will be reading "The Personal Librarian" in October. On Nov. 4 we will get together as a club to discuss this book. Always a fun and learning hour.

Carol Gabrielle's daughter Michelle and grand-puppy Ella, of Winnipeg came to help her celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

I can't quite keep up where all the Evergreen residents have spent Thanksgiving because some are still going here and there for special meals.

Beware! Prepare! Cold and frost are on the way this next week.

Quote for the Day: "Notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature." - Friedrick Nietzsche