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GeoVerra - providing the environmental data you may need

August's Oilfield Report takes a look at GeoVerra

From legal land surveying to commercial installations, when you need information about the environment around you, built or natural, GeoVerra can provide the data, the documentation and the help you need.

GeoVerra’s Virden office at 280 Ashburton Street East is backed by the experience and knowledge of Deke Baley, Project Manager and Todd Baley, Manitoba Land Surveyor. They have a history in this profession, where trust is key.

Deke’s father, a surveyor, gave his sons their first taste of the work. Deke, Todd and one other brother took up the profession and in 2000, the Baley family started Virden’s Trilogy Surveys. A few years later they purchased a Brandon company, Lennon Surveys, to become Lennon Trilogy. In 2009 Altus Group purchased Lennon Trilogy; in 2020, GeoVerra opened its doors for business with the merger of Altus Group’s and WSP’s geomatics divisions.

In just a couple of decades, technological advances and business growth through mergers and acquisitions to some 24 offices Canada-wide have expanded the depth and breadth of services that GeoVerra can provide to clients.

To put that in perspective, farmers, municipal bodies or environmentalists may wish to understand drainage patterns on a quarter section. Deke says, “Fifteen years ago… our guys could go out with a GPS pole and walk it. Every five to 10 feet, they’d take a measurement. Now, we can fly it with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or provide 3D scanning.” The client can receive a much finer gradient of data within a fraction of the time. “Instead of taking a full week to do that, we can do it in an afternoon now.”

When the Baley family survey firms first started, much of the early service work was oil field related. While the energy sector is still a major focus for GeoVerra, the company now has access to leading-edge technology to get the job done more efficiently than ever before. An example of this technology is the MX50 mobile mapper: an advanced laser scanner affixed to a vehicle that measures objects by millions of points per second with centimetre accuracy, quickly collecting every visual point along the way on highways, railways, urban streets and even pipeline routes.

Recently, GeoVerra provided surveying support and expertise in navigating the regulatory environment in the development of Manitoba’s first potash mine near Russell. The Manitoba government’s approval for the PADCOM mine was announced on June 14, 2022. Bringing a valued based approach to projects like this is what the team at GeoVerra strives for.

Having helped define the regulations for oil and gas exploration in Manitoba, the experts at GeoVerra were able to leverage their understanding to help navigate the similar regulatory environment of a mining project.

This regulatory expertise also enabled the GeoVerra team to work closely with the PADCOM drilling and reservoir engineers in determining the best trajectory for the first two potash production wells.

“Manitobans have a real can-do attitude as demonstrated by PADCOM’s initiative to develop the first potash mine – without provincial or big corporation dollars. We were proud to work alongside them to ensure they met the project objectives and stakeholder requirements. Their success is our success,” said Deke Baley.

GeoVerra seeks to support community life where their employees live and work. The company has a program to support its employees’ passions or pursuits within their communities. “If the employee puts in volunteer time, we’ll match it with a financial contribution, on top of a sponsorship of the community activity,” says Deke.

From the Virden office, employee Coyle Wilson helped out with the Virden Run at the end of May. Most recently, GeoVerra supported the Virden Oilmen’s Golf Tournament.

From land surveying to mapping and GIS, GeoVerra has the technology and services to support clients in diverse industries, providing responsive, trustworthy industry expertise stakeholders can count on for a successful project. That’s their Partnership Promise.

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