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Here comes summer

Elkhorn spring concert
Elkhorn school spring concert

A sure sign that the school year is almost over is the spring music concert at Elkhorn School. The K to Grade 12 students have been working all year long with the school music and band teacher, Sandra Unger and other teachers for this important concert.

The day of the concert was one of the best we have had this season and before the concert a hot dog/cold plate lunch was held in the school playground with lots of students, their families and lawn chairs on the green grass under a bright blue sky.

The lunch was put on by the school staff and the money raised will be used for future school projects and needs said school principal, Lance Barrate.

The concert was held in the school gym with several fans set up to bring down the warm temperature a bit. That afternoon a lot of concert programs were folded into fans by the audience and students.

Mrs. Unger served as the MC for the event as the various grades or individual students came up to show off the skills they had learned during the year.

It was a full house with lots of parents, grandparents and pre-schoolers. Grade 4-5 students, with their recorders, did a great upbeat version of that old southern classic, “Camptown Races”. Solos were performed by, Austyn Lowes, Saige Davidson and Hanna Martin. The afternoon featured the different level band students whose performances showed development within the band program. (It was a long time before I heard a squeaky reed from any of the students.)

There was a special dance presentation by two of the senior high girls who belong to a dance studio in Moosomin.. Austin Cousins and Gabriella Sisson did a piece called “The Telephone Dance”, where they tapped, spun and did splits to the enjoyment of the audience of all ages.

The mass band, made up of Grades 7 and 8 and the Senior Band students, played a selection called “Trains Heading West”, with lots of musical effects that could help you see the old steam engine opening up the West.

As is the habit each year at this concert, Mrs. Unger makes a special presentation to those music and band students she has worked with over the years who will be graduating. This year there is only one member of the grad class who was also a member of the band program. It was Hannah Martin, not only an accomplished musician but also a great figure skater and future master chef.

There were tears as she came forward, but like a real trooper, she gave a farewell song.

Mrs. Unger, in closing, thanked the community, and the Elkhorn and Area Foundation (who recently donated $3,000 to the purchase of a new tuba) for their support of the school music/band program.

She closed by saying “The future of the Elkhorn School and band program is strong due to the community support.”