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KayElle Industrial - the only certified weld inspection office within a 570km span

Monthly Oilfield Report Feature

KayElle Industrial was founded in 2018 by Kurt and Lacey Goulden. With a plan to relocate to Virden in early 2019, the ambition of operating their own inspection company was starting to become a reality.

In January 2020 KayElle Industrial incorporated and achieved certification to CSA W178.1 - Certification of Weld Inspection Organizations. They are currently the only inspection organization certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau with a permanent office between Regina and Winnipeg.

KayElle continues to expand their scope of non-destructive testing methods in an effort to service the local oil and gas industry. They currently have the equipment and procedures in place to perform visual inspection, visible/fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, visible/fluorescent penetrant inspection, portable hardness testing, several forms of leak testing, ultrasonic thickness measurements and ultrasonic shear wave inspection.

The company performs annual inspections and provides engineer approved certification on equipment such as articulating boom trucks, aerial work platforms, powered mobile equipment, forklifts, mobile cranes, spreader bars, pallet hooks, etc. They also provide engineer approved welding repair procedures and technical oversight of the structural repairs.

KayElle is a system driven organization. Their quality management system is certified to CSA W178.1 and compliant with ISO: 9001. A safety management system has been implemented to compy with federal and provincial regulations; inspection personnel are also certified to CSA W178.2, CGSB 48.9712, ISO 9712.

The company is currently working towards CSA B620 certification with Transport Canada in order to perform inspection of highway tanks and/or portable tanks.

KayElle’s future plans to grow their business include welder training, testing, qualification and weld procedure testing and qualification.

Transparent and ethical in all their business activities, KayElle looks forward to working with their clients whose values are aligned with theirs.


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