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Let’s just pray it does end well

Everyone has a duty to de-escalate this protest.
This woman was drumming on Ottawa street among the parked trucks at the protest area.

This is an exciting time, a puzzling time, and for many, it is a highly stressful time in our history even as we sit here in Westman. Some decry the “Freedom Convoy” and Ottawa protest, some are pleased the truck convoy is in Ottawa lobbying for liberation from mandates across the nation.

I took a very brief look around Ottawa on Monday evening, Feb. 7. through my computer screen.

Watching just a few minutes of back and forth in the House of Commons from earlier Monday afternoon, Feb. 7 we see the House Leader Mark Holland standing in for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who went into quarantine about a week ago now, due to his children contracting COVID-19.

The Conservative Party of Canada interim leader Candice Bergen stepped up to ask when the Liberals would end federal mandates.

Holland talked of more vaccines and pointed out that many health measures were not under federal jurisdiction, but provincial, noting that the USA has also imposed a vaccine mandate for truckers.

Noting that countries around the world are dropping mandates, Bergen was not to be dissuaded. She said, “In Canada, living means living freely,” and asked, “Will the Prime Minister remove Federal mandates quickly?”

So, how are national news outlets handling protest news?

At about 1 pm Monday, Feb. 7, CBC News reported what sounded like an armed conflict, with news that dozens of heavily armed police officers descended Sunday night on the baseball stadium parking lot in downtown Ottawa, a staging area for the protest.

What were the protesters armed with? No word they were armed.

“About 10 protesters in reflective vests stood firm in front of fuel supplies that were stored toward the southern end of the lot,” said the CBC report.

“Snipers stood guard on the roof of the stadium and hotel on either side of the parking lot as police moved through the camp.

“Protesters yelled ‘Shame, shame’ and ‘On the wrong side of history’ at the officers. As police moved in to act, one protester was heard saying ‘This can't end well.’ There have been no reports of injuries.”

The Mayor of Ottawa has called a State of Emergency within the city.

Throughout the Freedom Convoy’s movement some 10 days ago, citizen journalist and alternate media have also been filming and interviewing.

I know some Ottawa citizens want the convoy and the protest gone. Understandable. 

Monday, Feb. 7 a report on a YouTube channel Machines Everywhere showed the interviewer talking with a set of three women from Ottawa who were supporting the protest. Two were nurses who worked through the pandemic, but then were fired due to refusing the vaccine, despite a shortage of nurses.

One other woman who lived in the downtown said the area was quiet at night. She said reports of violence among the protesters was not what she had seen. She added, “I am so happy to be here,” she said she was filled with hope and love. She also encouraged people to come and see for themselves. “If you stay in front of your TV, you’re not getting the truth.”

The eyes of the world are on Canada, known as a world peacekeeper. One way or another, most Canadians have skin in the game. 

This needs to end well. Canada’s Prime Minister could make that happen peacefully. That's leadership.

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