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Manitoba Government’s budget public engagement

The writer responds to Manitoba's budget questionnaire with these thoughts
The walkway on Virden's bridge over the creek on Seventh Ave. near King St. has been cordoned off for several years now.

Editorial note: Here is the writer’s response to the Manitoba Government’s public budget engagement.

Dear Editor,

I am concerned about the rural areas for infrastructure work. When I listen to the media it is always about Winnipeg getting this and Brandon getting that. We as a rural community should be getting some infrastructure, and not every 50 years.

What do we pay provincial and federal taxes for?

We have two bridges down and have been for years. One is to exit our town going east of Virden on Highway 257. Trucks and other vehicles use it, emergency vehicles and with trains going through town also need this exit.

The other bridge is on 7th Avenue North and it is in really bad shape, an exit to the west of Virden. So do we have to wait until it collapses and kill somebody until it gets fixed?

Then, because of these problems the trucks are going down our one and only main route into the town of Virden which is King Street and have chewed it all up and is a mess.

I am not a political man, but what I have seen over the years is the Conservatives don't spend any money and the Liberals and NDP give it away to the wrong people. This is my opinion and I think our political scene needs to clean up their act, they are just making too much money and don't care about the average people.

If you think I am one of those lazy people laying on the couch. I have put my 45 to 50 years in and am now retired and now sick and tired how these rural communities are being treated.


Thank you very much, John Stewart, Virden