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Miniota and Evergreen Place share their joys and sorrows

Margaret Elder’s 80th birthday party with family and friends outdoors at Discovery Centre, Brandon. Miniota’s Minnie Pearl dropped in to add humor and music.

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

How are you all doing? Someone once said the best and the most magical time is between June and August. Hello! That is July, right now. Summer, this is the time many of us look forward to all year, and there is so much to look forward to. Long days, short nights, sunshine, school holidays, warm weather and ice cream, pool time, family gatherings, beach vacations, travelling. Is it any wonder that we associate July with feeling happy, and sometimes even carefree? It's like a little bit of summer is what the whole world is about!

We have three July birthdays. Lynda Spring on July 15, Marlene on the 22nd and Bert Webb on the 27th. The ruby is your birthstone, and has exclusively to do with its stunning color. Some people feel the ruby birthstone signifies strength and protection. People born in July are known to be friendly and fun-loving, witty and open minded, they love solitude, quiet unless excited and hard working. Happy Birthday to all three of you and to all readers who have birthdays in July.

I must mention our Evergreen gardens. They are doing so good and are producing ripe veggies already; cucumbers, tomatoes, peas etc. The sneaky rabbits again, are trying to get their share. They are cute but destructive.

Irene Rowand had a granddaughter and a great granddaughter over for a visit last week. They played games and had supper together.

We welcome Linda (Hutchison) West from Strathmore, Alta. to Evergreen. She remembers when Evergreen was being built. I have tried to find out if the trees were here or planted later. She says the Evergreen trees were here already.

Marlene Balzer is going away for a short holiday and will spend time with her sister on their mom’s farm. Then her daughter and two granddaughters will spend a few days at the lake to relax and enjoy.

A pleasant time for me was when my son, Peter, took me out for lunch at Chicken Chef on Sunday, July 18. We had not seen each other since last year.

As of this last weekend we are allowed 25 residents in the Common Room at one time. So, on Wednesday, July23, at 7 p.m., there will be Bingo again in the Coffee Room, social distancing of course. What a step forward. Let's all do our part to keep these welcome changes going.

Winnie the Pooh's Quote for the Day:  "Learn to love without condition, talk without bad intention, give without any reason, and most of all, care for people without any expectation."  - Eileen Ng

Miniota By Linda Clark

Our Miniota Community extends deepest sympathy to Rita Armitage and her family Lyanna and Ken Lawn, Kelly Armitage, and Trevor and Amber Armitage and their families on the death of Ken, beloved husband, dad and grandpa on July 15. We extend sympathy also to Ken’s siblings, Bill and Renee Armitage and Linda Schrader and their families and to the extended Armitage and Sheane families. Born and raised at Miniota, Ken had a great love for the valley land and his community serving in many capacities on the Miniota Community Centre, the Miniota Fire Department and for the municipality.  Ken will be missed by his family and friends.

Sympathy is extended to Crystal and Ross Howard on the death of Crystal’s dad, Larry Canart. We think also of Larry’s wife Lucille Canart in Winnipeg, Crystal’s Mom Denise Canart and Barry Doole and extended members of the Canart family. Larry as owner/ operator of Canart’s Assiniboine Garage and with Crystal as his partner in the garage will be missed by our community. Larry was also a regular on the Miniota Golf Course and will be missed by his golfing friends.

Many enjoyed the music of Marj Barteaux of Birtle on the Parkissimo Lodge lawn this past week.

Many Lelond family members and cousins attended an 80th birthday celebration for Margaret Elder in Brandon on Wednesday. Happy birthday Margaret!

Darcy McKean, friend Michelle and son Jason of Portage La Prairie visited with Donna McKean and Randy and Ollie McKean this past week.

Claire and Evan Armitage accompanied Don and Sandra Armitage to Melfort Sask. to visit Dustin and Kerilee Fouillard and family, where they enjoyed a holiday for a week. They travelled home with Dustin and Kerilee, Carter and Addy who were guests at the Joseph-Fouillard wedding at St. Lazare.

A great aunt, Ina Hodgins of Virden, reports the arrival of her great nephew, Theodore Fox born to Trevor and Niki Fox of Flin Flon. A brother for Nora and grandson for Myrna and Gordon Fox. Congratulations to everyone.

For those who grieve the loss of a loved one, “There are stars up above, so far away, we only see their light, long after the star itself is gone. And so it is for people that we loved, their memories ever bright, even though their time with us is done, and the stars that light up the darkest of nights, these are the lights that guide us. As we live our days, these are the ways we remember.” -Hannah Senesh.