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MM Photography

My passion is wildlife photography.
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This photo I call "Grackle Cackle" is a favourite of mine

My name is Matt Mayo and I'm known as MM Photography. 
I'm a hobbyist photographer raised in Virden, living in Brandon. 
I practice many genres; however, my passion is wildlife photography. 
I've always been a creative type and an artist so I guess I've always had an eye for taking photos. The technical aspects of how to operate a camera I learned by research online and YouTube tutorials. 
I found out I loved taking photos on my old I-pod touch. I bought my DSLR camera in 2020 and I wish I had bought one years ago! 
I use a Nikon D3500 paired with a Sigma 150-600mm contemporary super telephoto lens for wildlife. There's something about just being in nature and enjoying how beautiful it is that makes me want to capture slices of it and share it with the world. Photographing wildlife has taught me patience like no other hobby has, and an appreciation of what goes on all around us that we often take for granted. 
This photo I call "Grackle Cackle" is a favourite of mine. It was taken last summer at Bower Lake, Man. This was the first time I had shot anything in marsh lands and I had an amazing time shooting on the trails there. This picture stood out to me because of everything that had to perfectly line up for me to get this shot. The natural golden hour warm rim lighting, the dynamic pose, the bird's eye in sharp focus, the animal is at eye level, the background isn't too busy, the colours work well together. So many things you wouldn't even consider, make a photo a work of art. 
If you'd like to see more of my work, I'm on Facebook as MM Photography - Official and Instagram @mm_photography_mm