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Mush! - the winter trail

Outdoorsy people who love dogs find their niche activity north of Winnipeg.

“It was on my bucket list,” says Laurel Richter. She and son Mason, 15, headed to Gull Harbour, along Lake Winnipeg, to go dog sledding.

They’re a dog loving family. Mason got to participate in harnessing the dogs. He said, the best part was just being with those dogs, stating, “They were pretty sick! (translation – really great).”

It was the time to pick a sled ride, but hard work for the canines. Laurel shares, “The snow was fresh and soft, and we only had six Alaskan huskies pulling us through the narrow trail for about an hour. It was in the provincial park, so an ungroomed trail.”

These seasoned dogs pulled Laurel, Mason and the musher (sled driver). “The dogs got so excited when they harnessed up. The dogs truly love what they are born and raised to do.”

Richter says she would definitely do this again.

“It was just peaceful and calm through the trees,” it was an emotional experience. “I actually teared up after the ride, giving the dogs thanks and of course a treat.” The dogs’ power reminded her of a team of horses.

The Dog Sledding Tour is an opportunity to learn about the sled dogs’ working heritage.