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No hand sanitizer left in Virden

Tips and pointers to protect you and your family, or workplace, from flu of any kind
When you don't have a sink handy, hand sanitizer is important.

Two drugstores and Valleyview Co-op food store are out of hand sanitizer. Updates on the spread of the novel Coronavirus have intensified and people are taking extra precautions – everywhere – because not only have the Virden stores run out of hand sanitizer, but so have Canadian warehouses according to Virden’s drugstores.

Super Thrifty’s pharmacist Mike Anderson said their supply of hand sanitizer is sold out and backordered. “We’ve been sold out for a week or so, and at the whole sale,” said Anderson on Thursday afternoon, March 12.

The components to make your own hand sanitizer are also hard to come by now.

Isopropyl alcohol is in high demand. For Virden Drugs, pharmacist Divyesh says manufacturers are running out of even isopropyl alcohol.

 “What we are giving out now is our own stock, what we have on the shelf. We usually sell five to 10 bottles in a month. But we sold around 30 bottles in a couple of days.”

Most online recipes involve Aloe Vera gel and isopropyl alcohol. However, you need to get the recipe right so that the mixture will be effective against germs like the coronavirus, and so that it won’t harm your skin.

Supplies of aloe Vera are also running low. In fact, Super Thrifty is out of Aloe Vera.

When asked for his advice, Anderson said, “I would just advise people -  hand washing and don’t touch your face.” He pointed out that using alcohol without the moisturizing protection of Aloe Vera will damage your skin, causing cracking. That makes you more vulnerable to germs and viruses.

For recipes to make hand sanitizer find World Health Organization’s information:

One example of an essential oils based recipe can be found at Wholefully, an online natural health website:

Wholefully echoes professional advice: proper and frequent handwashing is the very best way to prevent the spread of illness.

When a sink isn't nearby, hand sanitizer may be the solution.