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Prairie View Municipality

Prairie View Municipality regular meeting was held at the Miniota Chambers on May 26. Members present were Clark, Bertram, Butler, Fulcher, Howard, Salmon, Oliver and Wilson (late).

Prairie View Municipality regular meeting was held at the Miniota Chambers on May 26.

Members present were Clark, Bertram, Butler, Fulcher, Howard, Salmon, Oliver and Wilson (late). Staff present: CAO Jensen, CFO Collier and Administrative Assistant Bonner
Mrs. Susan Poppel, Secretary-Treasurer of the Miniota Community Centre, attended the meeting to present their request for financial consideration.

• Council accepted, with regret, the resignation of Jenna Shwaluk as relief Utility Operator.

• All members of Council are authorized to attend the Mid-Western June District meeting to be held in Arden, MB on June 17 and that registration and outof- pocket expenses be compensated as
per Remuneration and Reimbursement By-Law No. 2015-3.

• Council appoint the following Fire Chiefs for the respective fi re departments with Prairie View Municipality: Nick Young - Miniota Fire Department; Kevin Hickman - Birtle Fire Department

• Council accepted the website proposal dated March 22, 2015 from Municipal Websites for the re-development of a municipal website in the amount of $7,709.40 plus taxes which includes the
first year of hosting and support.

• Councillor Howard excused himself from the meeting for the discussion and decision on Business Item 8.6 Pasture Leases.

• Reeve and CAO were authorized to enter into the following lease agreements for a three year period from the 1st day of May 2015 to the 30th day of April 2018 for purpose of leasing pasture land: Willem Meulenbelt - SW 35-15-27 W.P.M. excluding the municipal gravel pit; Elaine Kestirke - NE Portion East of C.N.R. and SW 34-14-27 W.P.M.; Earl Thompson 1) NE 17-14-27
W.P.M. 2) NW 17-14-27 W.P.M. 3) SE 17-14-27 W.P.M. 4) SW 17-14-27 W.P.M.; T8 Ranch 1) SECTION 30-14-27 W.P.M. 2) S ½ 31-14-27 W.P.M. 3) W 1/2 22-14-27 W.P.M.
4) SECTION 21-14-27 W.P.M. and 5) SECTION 20-14-27 W.P.M.; Warren Edmundson - West & Below Uno Bridge SW 34-14-27 W.P.M.

• Council continues the selling of natural resources from municipally-owned land effective immediately to all residents of Prairie View Municipality at the current rates; and all necessary
municipal permits be applied for from the municipal office.

• Council of the Prairie View Municipality hereby accept, with regret, the resignation of Debbie Jensen as Chief Administrative Officer.

• Council will provide a grant of $100 each to the Hamiota, Birtle, Foxwarren and Virden Agricultural Societies.

• The CAO be directed to sign the program acceptance for the Farmland Beaver Damage Control Program for 2015.

• Council authorizes the Reeve and CAO to sign the Memorandum of Understanding between Prairie View Municipality and Yellowhead, Hamiota, Rossburn, Ellice-Archie, Russell-Binscarth, Riding
Mountain West and Wallace-Woodworth municipalities and the Town of Virden.

• Ian Fouillard has been hired on a fulltime permanent basis for the position of Public Works/Utility Operator and Joe Scratch for an indefi nite term position of Public Works as per the Offers of
Employment dated May 26, 2015; the remuneration established be according to the former Town of Birtle Collective Agreement.

• Council will provide a grant of $5,000 to the Beulah Community Hall to assist with ongoing renovations; and that the said funds be transferred from the former
RM of Miniota Recreation and Culture Reserve Fund.

• Council gave By-law # 2015 10, being a by-law to set the municipality's authority on all drainage works that affect municipal infrastructure including the roads, ditches and existing new approaches, first reading.