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Prairie View Municipality

Prairie View Municipality held a Regular Meeting, June 14 in the Birtle Chambers.

Prairie View Municipality held a Regular Meeting, June 14 in the Birtle Chambers. Members present were: Clark, Bertram, Butler, Fulcher, Howard, Oliver, Salmon and Wilson; Staff present were: CAO Collier, Manager of Public Works MacLean, Executive Assistant Bonner

  • Council went into an In-Camera session to discuss personnel issues. Council adjourned their In-Camera session and resumed the former order of business.
  • The following accounts issued in the month May and June 2016 were approved for payment: General Disbursements and pre-authorized payments amounting to $515,835.55 including other payments and payroll in the amount of $79,305.56.
  • In accordance with the 2016 Capital Plan, a new computer server is to be installed at the Corporate Office located in Birtle Municipal Building; all funds to purchase and for setup will be applied from the Birtle Office Reserve Fund.
  • Council appointed Tryell Hopp and James Thacker as members of the Birtle Fire Department.
  • Reeve Clark excused herself from the Chair before discussions on Item 9.2 (M. D. Hodgson, Accountant - Financial Statement Review & Preparation). Deputy Reeve Butler took the chair.
  • Council received the recommendations from the LUD of Miniota Committee meeting of June 7 that the Council of the Prairie View Municipality respond to the LUD of Miniota Committee as follows: a) Council approves the removal of the movie screen out of the old Miniota Hall for future usage by the community; b) Council authorizes the CAO to provide a grant of $200 to the Miniota CDC to be put towards the Miniota Shirt Sleeve Classic events.
  • The CAO has been authorized to prepare a borrowing by-law for the purpose of a loan guarantee for the Park West Fibre Optic Cooperative in the amount of $470,000.
  • Wayne MacLean has been hired for the position of Manager of Public Works as per the Offer of Employment dated June 14.
  • The Decker Hutterite Colony has requested that the Municipality of Hamiota and Prairie View Municipality lobby the Minister of Infrastructure to provide funding for upgrades to PR 264 from Roads 82N to 86N and that the Council of Prairie View Municipality support the upgrades on a cost shared basis between the Province, the Municipality of Hamiota and Prairie View Municipality.
  • The CAO has been authorized to advertise for requests for proposals for surplus municipal properties.
  • Council will establish a Public Works Committee and appoint Lyle Salmon, Charles Bertram and Roger Wilson to the Committee.
  • The Council of Prairie View Municipality, as the traffi c authority within the Town of Birtle limits, authorized the closing of Main Street between 7th Street and 10th Street on July 1 for the parade between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. with the alternate traffi c route being St. Clare Street (accessed at 11th Street and Centre Street); 7th Street between Woodburn and Main will be closed for the Downhill Derby between the hours of 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.; appropriate signage and trained personnel will be in place to detour traffi c.
  • The Municipal Offi ces of Birtle and Miniota will be closed to the public on Monday, July 4 and Tuesday, July 5 to allow for installation of new network server.
  • During the months of July and August, the council meeting schedule for Prairie View Municipal Council will be: Regular Meeting July 12 - Birtle Council Chambers at 9:00 a.m.; Regular Meeting July 26 - cancelled Regular Meeting August 9th - Miniota Council Chambers at 9:00 a.m.; Regular Meeting August 23rd - cancelled.
  • Policy HR-002 Progressive Discipline Policy; being a policy to establish a progressive discipline policy for employees, was adopted.
  • By-law # 2016-11 Machinery Replacement Reserve, being a by-law to establish a Machinery Replacement Reserve Fund, was given a fi rst reading.
  • By-law # 2016-12 Organizational By-Law being a by-law to govern the organization of Prairie View Municipality and the Committees thereof, was given a fi rst reading.
  • Policy No. LUD-004 Sale of Black Dirt and Gravel; being a policy to establish the cost to residents of the LUD of Miniota for the supply of material, was approved.