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Prairie View Municipality

Condensed from Minutes Feb. 13

Regular Meeting - Birtle Chambers February 13

Members Present:  Clark, Bertram, Butler, Fulcher, Howard, Oliver, Salmon and Wilson; Staff Present: CAO Collier and Executive Assistant Bonner

Delegations  were: Brett Fordyce regarding  Sensus Audited Report; Tyler Fulton regarding Birtle Dist. Golf Course; Birtle Fire Chief Kevin Hickman regarding 2018 Budget; Ken Anderson brought Associate Engineering Water Project Update

Councillor Wilson left the meeting at 1:55 p.m.

Financial Report

General Disbursements $349,106.18; other payments in the amount of $91,887.11 and payroll in the amount of $86,371.15 were approved.

Once the final 2016 Audited Report and Financial Statements Report are received it will be kept on file in the office, available to the public.

Fibre Project

Council approved the Fibre Committee's recommendation to expand the Fibre Project to all wards in the municipality; to hire additional installers for the Fibre Project installations; to purchase additional equipment for the Fibre Project; to place wireless equipment on private structures and if deemed necessary to authorize the construction of private towers. The recommendation is also to have the required agreements in place to allow these works to proceed.

Council will budget for sufficient funds in the 2018 budget to proceed with the Fibre Project. Carried

Council approved Fibre Project Expansion Guidelines to establish guidelines for how quickly the Fibre Project will proceed.

Fibre Project Temporary Borrowing Resolution No: 2018-059 Council moved temporary borrowing from Prairie View Reserve Funds in the amount of $200,000 to finance the Fibre Project. Carried

Council approved the Project Manager to proceed with contracting the tower company, hydro, and equipment needed to start the tower builds. Carried

Council voted to direct the CAO to enquire with RM of Hamiota and RM of Yellowhead  regarding maintenance and technical support of the fibre service. Carried

Public Works Committee Report

Birtle Sidewalks - Council approve the staff to investigate continuing with brick sidewalks on Main Street and concrete sidewalks on the side streets in Birtle. Carried

Municipal Road Gravel Program

Council voted to accept the tender of Russell Redi-Mix Concrete for the 2018 Municipal Road Gravel Program.         

Unfinished Business

Council voted to authorize the CAO to provide a letter of support for the application of Upper Assiniboine Conservation District to Federation of Canadian Municipalities for a GIS project.

Council approved a motion to accept the bid of Valley Rock Construction for the road remediation of 2017 DFA Site #35 in the amount of $197,709.75.

New Business

Park West School Division Budget Meeting - Council authorized Councillors to attend the School Division Budget Meeting on Feb.20, expenses paid.

Conservation District Boundaries Regional Meeting - Councillors were authorized to attend the CD Boundaries Regional Meeting, Mar. 7 in Virden, expenses paid.

Westman Opportunities Leadership Group (per Soybean Plant) invited the municipality to participate in the endeavour to attract a soybean processing facility to the region and requesting financial support; Council authorized payment to WOLG of $1.00 per capita amount for a total of $2,090 for an associate membership and participation in the endeavour to attract a soybean processing facility to the region.


Regular Council Meetings in April were rescheduled from Apr. 10 to Monday, Apr. 16, to allow Council and CAO to attend the 2018 Mayors, Reeves and CAO's Meeting.

2018 Budget Meeting was scheduled for March 2 at 9:15 a.m. in the Miniota Office.        

Public Works Manager Duncan attended during discussions regarding a request for access to Birtle Landfill by Lee and Brydon.

Council voted to accept the proposal for financial services from Vanguard Credit Union dated February 5, 2018.

Temporary Borrow from Reserves for Water Plant Project Resolution No: 2018-072 expenditure for Birtle Water Supply Project and Borrowing council moved to authorize the CAO for temporary borrowing from reserves/general fund in the amount of $1,700,000 to cover the payment to Manitoba Water Services Board for first payment of the water supply project in the amount of $1,699,912.81; and that the CAO submit eligible cost claims to the Clean Water & Wastewater Fund.

Carol Bonner was appointed as the Municipality's Senior Election Official for the 2018 Municipal Election and that an agreement be entered into with the Municipality.


First Reading was given By-Law 2018-02 to amend By-Law 2015-03 for Remuneration and Reimbursement of expenses for Members of Council. Carried.

First Reading was given By-Law # 2018-03 Mutual Aid to provide for the participation of the Birtle Fire Department and Miniota Fire Department in mutual aid. Carried

Reports of council members/enquiries and general sundry communication were heard; as was information on Mid-West Planning District’s Development Plan

The meeting adjourned at 2:53 p.m.