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Put a giant on your fridge

An enterprising economic development idea created these beautiful magnets.
Prairie View magnets
Fridge magnets tell a story.

Interesting fridge magnets have been available for purchase in the Prairie View Municipality office at Miniota. They are mementos of communities within the rural municipality.

Giants of the past, these elevators and even the UNO bridge, pictured on the fridge magnets represent keys to the present. Grain growing and marketing through the prairie elevator system located on hundreds of spur rail lines provided a foundation for today’s Prairie communities.

This agricultural way of life served a multitude of families, in the early 1900s, often located just a quarter of a mile from each other on holdings between a quarter and a section in size.

Towns sprang up around the rail lines and elevators bore Town names. Few stand today. Most spur lines are not only closed, but gone. Some rail beds have become walking trails for towns such as Reston and Hamiota that continue to thrive.

These magnets are a handsome reminder of heritage.