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RCMP plans to reduce COVID-19 risk

Manitoba RCMP asking the public to avoid attending detachments

Fingerprinting and background checks are two procedures that are being postponed until further notice, here at Virden RCMP Detachment, and at all Manitoba detachments - until further notice.

Rather than attending the detachment for questions and concerns, or to see an officer, the RCMP throughout Manitoba is asking the public to stay away. Use the phone instead.  

It is vital that members stay healthy and available to serve the public when and where they are really needed.

In an official announcement, Manitoba RCMP stated, “For precautionary reasons due to COVID-19, effectively immediately, we are asking that the public only visit a detachment if it's urgent.”

For non-urgent matters, general questions or to speak with an officer, please call your local detachment:

 f you need fingerprints for a background check, please note that this service is being postponed until further notice.

The RCMP has 80 detachments spread across Manitoba. Each detachment is an important point of contact between the RCMP and the communities they serve. For phone contacts:

 As always, if it’s an emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency number.