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R.M of Pipestone launches modern marketing campaign

With faith in what their community has to offer, the municipality has put talent to work to showcase that.
08 - Pick Pipestone
Janelle Campbell and David Moore are acting as hosts for the “Pick Pipestone Campaign”. PHOTO /BRAD WIEBE MEDIA

“Pick Pipestone” is the title of a creative marketing campaign that will showcase the entire Rural Municipality of Pipestone.

On the RM of Pipestone Facebook you can view a trailer for 14 videos with hosts Janelle Campbell and David Moore as they introduce the project. They are both residents of the R.M. of Pipestone and will continue to be the hosts along with new faces in the upcoming videos. 

Each video is approximately a minute to 90 seconds long. They are hoping these videos will give the people incentive and learn more about the community.

A community that provides everything a person would need such as a hardware store, gift shop, automotive services, grocery store, postal service, drug store and much more, you would think was a city because of all the amenities and services available.  

“We are so proud of what we have accomplished and we want to continue to accommodate our dedicated community and anyone thinking about the opportunity of moving to our area,” says Tanis Chalmers, Manager of Economic Development for the R.M. of Pipestone. 

The R.M. of Pipestone is looking to improve and expand their close-knit community by releasing a one-of-a-kind video series to the public eye on social media. “There will be a total of 14 videos that will be released over the next few months,” says Chalmers. “We are hoping to enhance the popularity of the community as we reveal our outstanding programs and services through these videos. We have so many benefits of living in the R.M. of Pipestone, we want to focus on attracting the outside population and let them know what we have to offer.”  

She maintains that the rural water pipeline providing fresh, clean, high quality drinking water, is a great asset to the community. “The affordable taxes are definitely a drawing card and at $10 for a residential lot, I am hoping that would be a huge incentive for anyone considering re-locating,” adds Chalmers. “There has been a substantial increase in population, thanks to the low property taxes we are able to provide. I hope this trend will continue in the years to come.” 

She would also like people to know there are rural properties in the municipality for those who enjoy country living. “We are continually adding progressive, modern services and are pleased to announce that our high-speed fiber optics has made things so much easier, as we adapt to an ever changing world of technology. The community really enjoys having quick access to the internet.”  

The agricultural and oil industries in the R.M. of Pipestone provide opportunities for business development, which Tanis thinks build up the community and give people a more stable and reassuring reason to establish themselves and stay settled in the area. 

“We see a lot of people from other communities come to visit, as we offer great recreational activities such as camping, golfing and our ever so popular spray park. There is always something to come and see and enjoy in the R.M. of Pipestone,” says Chalmers. “We are very excited to introduce this “Pick Pipestone Campaign” and I hope everyone will take advantage of staying connected with the video series.” 

The Pick Pipestone Campaign can be viewed on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.