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School golf tournament, bingo and book club start-up part of community life

It's Your Community and here's what's going on.

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

Autumn is here again. Summer may be fun but when weather gets cooler and the leaves start falling we can tell that change is coming. That change seems slower this Fall. I am still looking for more warm weather for my garden. The tomatoes are slow in ripening. However we all know change is coming, but for now we are grateful for warm days.

The government recently passed legislation to make Sept. 30 a federal statutory holiday, called the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day provides an opportunity for each public servant to recognize and commemorate the legacy of Residential Schools. This may present itself as a day of quiet reflection or participation in a community event. Time will tell how this new holiday will be spent.

Let me tell you, briefly, what we Evergreeners are doing these days. Obviously we are all more free to do some travelling again, visiting families, driving out in the countryside to see the fall beauty, taking part in community events again, and so on. The Lions Campground is still open and a lovely place to sit and read. Thinking of reading, I will insert this, as a correction from last week’s paper. The Virden Book Club starts meeting again at 1pm, the first Thursday of October, on October 7th, at the Virden Library. Bring a book you have read recently that you'd like to tell us about.

Eileen Price went to Winnipeg this weekend to a granddaughters wedding.

We see Joyce Braybrook is back again after spending 2 weeks with family members in the Winnipeg area.

Vern and Margaret Rollo take a drive out every month to get water from Miniota. Apparently that is the best water. While there they visit son Darcy.

Emmi Schneider had a wonderful surprise when a knock on her door brought in a very close friend of hers from Halifax, NS. Lillian Weingartner, who is also my friend, is spending a week in Manitoba, She moved to Nova Scotia eleven years ago, from Virden.

Bert Webb has had some interesting evenings lately. He watched the Golden Bears play Interlake one evening. He also enjoyed watching the horse shows two evenings here in Virden.

Irene Rowand is in the hospital after surgery. We wish you a quick recovery, Irene.

The Springs were away to Rivers a few days ago. Harold and Lynda have family there and went to watch their grandchildren play in a ball tournament.  Harold's 99 year old mother lives in Rivers and they are able to take her out for lunch when they go there.

Now it is time to greet October!  Alexander Smith says, "In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those of a fine October."

Let's all enjoy the season!'

Quote for the Day:


The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves.

We have had our summer evenings. Now for October eves!"

Humbert Wolfe

Princess Lodge By Janice Simpson

A resident meeting was held September 22nd to organize the birthday parties and Bingo schedule.

Birthdays for August were Pauline Benson, Dorothy Downer, Ray Moorehead, Evelyn Wright and Dorothy Plaisier. September birthdays Ken Wardle, Florence Elliott, and Marg Walker.

There will be a birthday gathering for August and September on September 28th, with card bingo from 2-3 p.m. Tea and goodies will follow. The bingo on Thursday night is going well. Each floor has a month to look after bingo.

Florence and Ellis Elliott had visits with Arnold Edwards from Niverville, Gloria and Dan Rasteski, Verna Clary from Melvelle, Sask. Steve Luyck from Balcares, Sask. Michele Lovaz from Innisfail, Alberta. Florence had her sons and daughter-in-law, grandchildren and great grandchildren with her to help her celebrate her birthday.

Residents of Princess Lodge would like to thank all those who brought the lovely vegetables for everyone to enjoy. It was very much appreciated.

Miniota News By Linda Clark

Congratulations to Cory and Trish Gardham and big brother Layker on the birth of Eloise Martinne on September 17th at Brandon. Welcoming Eloise also are grandparents Ron and Shelley Gardham, Arrow River and Grandpa Guay, St. Lazare and great grandma Hollis Stewart of Sunnyside Manor, Birtle as well as aunts, uncles and cousins. Congratulations to everyone!

Ian and Rayleen Mossop of Wetaskiwin AB visited with Grant and Colleen Brown and family.

Many from our community attended the celebration of life service on September 26th for the late Faye Little at the farm home of Greg Little. Our thoughts are with the Little and Bryant families.

The Miniota DropIn Center has seen a fresh inside coating of paint and floors redone prior to their doors being opened soon once again. Activities at the DropIn will be welcomed by our seniors after this long year.

The Miniota School hosted the Grade 5-6 Park West Divisional Golf tournament on Friday, September 24th with over 30 young golfers participating.

The Miniota Community Hall boasts new and much safer front steps, crafted by Gardham Brothers Construction of Arrow River.

Harvest is being wrapped up in our area and the warm days although much shorter have been welcomed by our harvesters. Our walkers are out in full force these beautiful days taking in the warm weather and the beauty of our community.

Be sure to let me know of your Thanksgiving visitors next weekend.

Quote for the week: “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.”

 Author Unknown