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Spring Warbler Walk field trip in Souris

Sunday, March 22nd - 9:00am start  
A warbler sits in a juniper full of fruit

One of the best things about spring is the warbler migration. These tiny colorful birds sweep through the Westman area, often briefly seen high above in the forest canopy. You are invited to join the Westman Naturalists for a morning outing to Souris to look for spring warblers, and other migrants, starting in Victoria Park. This is an opportunity to test your warbler identification skills and see how many warbler species you can find. Colin Blyth will be on hand to help with identification. 
The Parulidae family (Wood-warblers) are a group of small, fast moving, and often very colourful birds. Over 20 species regularly occur in Manitoba, many of which have distinct male and female plumages that change over the course of the year. This makes them challenging to identify, even for seasoned birders
Depending on time, and birds seen, we may investigate other locations in Souris. Bring your bird books, apps, binoculars, cameras etc., and don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
Trip Leader: Glennis Lewis 
Trip Difficulty: This outing will involve walking on the Trails in Victoria Park in Souris, which can be rough with tree roots and involve some hills. Caution is needed in walking along the steep cliffs along the north side of the park. 
To sign-up for this outing please complete this online form don’t forget to read the waiver.  We will email out the details of the meeting place on Saturday, and let you know by email of any changes due to weather etc