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Stocking Oak Lake for summer recreation

Should make for good fishing
06 - OL Fry
Sifton Reeve Cyril Druwe, Sifton councillor Scott Phillips along with Grassland councillor Claude Martin assisted MB conservation release 600,000 walleye fries into Oak Lake Monday, May 30

This spring Oak Lake became the new home of 600,000 walleye fries.
With all the rain and snow that fell since the calendar flipped to 2022, it’s easy to forget that Westman was crying for water by the Fall of 2021. 
Oak Lake’s broad shallows make this body of water vulnerable to drought. 
By last Fall, people realized the winter could mean heavy losses of fish in Oak Lake. However, that was not the case. 
Sifton Councillor Scott Phillips says, “Winter kill didn’t happen … which was a miracle.”
Now, with the 2022 extra precipitation Oak Lake is on the rise and ready to nurture the new fish stock.