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Super Run visits Elkhorn Auto Museum

The sight of classic and antique vehicles lined up at Elkhorn's Auto Museum drew a crowd.

The Super Run is Canada's largest classic car show that is rotated throughout the three prairie provinces.

The local Brandon chapter is The Brandon Road Rebels who are well known in Westman for their monthly show and shine in downtown Brandon on Rosser Ave.

This year the Super Run is being held in Brandon and the organizers included day-trip convoys to various smaller museums in Westman.

On Monday, July 25 a parade of thirty cars came out to the Elkhorn Antique Auto Museum.

The cars were greeted by a local military vehicle collector, forming two long rows for easy viewing, with several opening up their hoods for engine inspection. There were the large body cars of the 60s and 70s, muscle cars, hot rods, vintage and well-loved half-ton trucks, with many long-gone model names that our parents and grandparents swore by.

The display drew in traffic from the Trans Canada Highway, curious to see what was going on. Some also toured the Elkhorn car museum, and its other restored buildings such as the old one-room schoolhouse, turn of the century farmhouse (Eaton's Mail order house) and the newest addition, the century-old church moved in from the nearby community of Kirkella.

Noon lunch was prepared by the museum's "Restoration Club", a group of community members who work behind the scenes with museum events and restore many of the museum's vehicles and farm machinery.

The lunch included sandwiches, salads and desserts and one of the Super Run drivers said it was just like going to granny's house – so many different desserts on offer.

Visitors enjoyed seeing the older farm tractors and equipment like their families had used in the past. Two drivers from Brandon were happy to see some vehicles in the museum's collection that they had donated. A comment about how clean the museum's car displays were was well received by the summer staff.

By 2:00 p.m. the Super Run headed back to Brandon. Allen Thio, an active member of the Brandon Road Rebels said, "We had a great day and were impressed with the variety of cars. And if you get any more donations, you will have to expand the museum. The lunch and hospitality were wonderful, and the staff was helpful. Our group had a good visit and look forward to visits in the future.”