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The Beach Celebrates the end of summer

What a great way to wind up a hot summer at the lake?
01 - OL Beach Harvest Parade 02
Lakeshore Drive is filled with bike riders behind the celebratory banner carried by Laura Jean McDonald and Donna Smith.

The consistently hot weather of the summer of ‘21 made camping, and lake activities an ideal way to spend vacation time. From the earliest hot days in June, before school ended, there were people getting into water sports.

But all good things must come to an end.

Kids paraded on their bikes down Oak Lake Beech’s main street, past the provincial park and the beachfront to say goodbye to the carefree days of summer and prepare for the fall school season. The Harvest Parade last weekend was led by Diane Hutchison on a scooter with Laura Jean McDonald and Donna Smith marching at the front of the parade, carrying a banner.

“We had around 90 kids dress up or decorate bikes. We paraded down Lakeshore Drive to the campground and fed everyone free hot dogs,” says Smith, activity organizer for the Oak Lake Cottage Owners Association. Customary for a parade, everyone got a bag of candy and bottled water was supplied.