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The Virden Visitor

A poem for our town
Scalliuon Walking path
Scallion Creek- One of Virden's great walks

For years, I’ve been a visitor
To your little town,
You’ve probably seen me once or twice
As I love to walk around.

And I’m not just a walker
I’m a talker too.
So if you‘ve ever passed me by
I’ve probably talked to you.

I love a tree-lined
Shady street
And the little parks
That are kept so neat.

There’s so much peace
And quiet.
But when there is a social night,
Those can be a riot.

I’ll drop into the Westman
To visit the old folks,
They seem to have a lot of time
To listen to my jokes.

I walk down to the fish pond
Sit peaceful for a while,
Then take the trail along the creek
For about a mile.

I’ll even walk down Cemetery Road
And rest in the old grave yard.
I’ll read the names upon the stones
Of those whose lives were hard.

There’s lots of people in your town,
I guess I’ll never know.
But every guy in every truck
Tips his hand to say “hello

Gary Lovett lives in Winnipeg and pays a visit to Virden several times as year.