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Thirtythree Marie Photography & Design

combining inspiration with practice
Scallion Mansion 2011-02
‘Scallion Mansion’ was the property that started my obsession with abandoned buildings and their histories. There’s such a mystery surrounding the Scallion family - a group of siblings moving to Manitoba on their own, creating this fancy estate, and none of them ever having family...there’s no one left to tell their story.


Thirtythree Marie Photography & Design is the work of Candice McLauchlan of Woodnorth.
McLauchlan says, "My obsession is Rurex Photography - abandoned buildings along with anything rustic and vintage. I sometimes step outside my niche to photograph animals - pets, livestock, wildlife. I very rarely work with humans in front of the lens.” 
She says there are photographers on both sides of her family tree. "I grew up with a camera in my hand, but I didn’t fall in love with the art until high school. There was a photo I accidentally took in photography class and my teacher absolutely loved it. That kind of clicked something in my brain, like 'hey, this is a way to have creative freedom.'"
McLauchlan does offer photography services, but counts photography as a hobby. "Whenever I can, I grab my camera bag, map book (maybe a nephew or two) and hit the back roads."
She's developed skill by combining inspiration with practice and respects a fine piece of equipment.
"I still love Grandpa McLauchlan’s Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F from the ‘70s which takes amazing photos."
What inspires McLauchlan? "Robert Mooney’s fieldstone house that he built in 1901 sits on our property. That was my first foray into Rurex. When we moved to Manitoba it was hard to grasp the notion that people walked away from their houses. But it became something of an addiction for my dad and I, 'let’s see what we can find next!'"

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