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Three Rural Municipalities near Virden keep same reeves

The RM of Pipestone had an opportunity to vote in a new mayor, but that didn't happen. In the RMs of Wallace-Woodworth and Sifton reeves were acclaimed.
Cattle on fall pasture in the Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth, October 2022 are moving with purpose toward their water source.


Little has changed, but Rae Kinnaird has stepped down from council leaving one seat vacant in Ward 2. Denis Lachapelle retains his seat as councillor for Ward 3 (Elkhorn), defeating Kevin Bajus by 68 to 15 votes with just 24 per cent of eligible voters casting a vote.



Clayton Canart - Acclaimed

Ward 1

Diana MacDonald - Acclaimed

Valerie Caldwell - Acclaimed

Ward 2

Mark Humphries - Acclaimed

Barb Stambuski – Acclaimed

Vacant Seat

Ward 3

Denis Lachapelle - Elected

LUD Elkhorn

Kevin Tutthill – Acclaimed

Riley Brennand – Acclaimed

LUD Kenton

Dennis Hemrica - Acclaimed

Robert Good - Acclaimed



The RM of Pipestone council chambers will look familiar when the new council is seated. Experience carried the day retaining Archie McPherson as head of council. However, two experienced members will not be there. James Watt left his seat as councillor for Ward 1 to run for reeve. Incumbent candidate Sheila Kotylak lost a close race to new candidate Trent Forsyth. Kotylak won the voting day contest 43 – 39, but Forsyth took the advance poll 11-4 for a 3-vote victory.

In most races voter turnout ran at about 50%, although Ward 1, with two new candidates, saw 70% of eligible voters cast a ballot. Ward 6 had the lowest turnout at 22%.


Reeve: 50% turnout

Archie McPherson – 461 votes, elected (incumbent)

James Watt – 187 votes

Ward 1: 70% turnout

Ross Tycoles – 107 votes, elected

Wyatt Ramsey – 61 votes

Ward 2: 56% turnout

Garnet Williamson – 94 votes, elected (incumbent)

Kent Hamel – 33 votes

Ward 3:

Gary Nicholson – acclaimed (incumbent)

Ward 4: 57% turnout

Randy Henuset – 101 votes, elected (incumbent)

Wiley Gilliard – 40 votes, elected

Ward 5: 48% turnout

Trent Forsyth – 50 votes, elected

Sheila Kotylak – 47 votes elected (incumbent)

Ward 6: 22% turnout

Lane Wanless – 55 votes, elected (incumbent)

Amanda Isaac – 5 votes (not elected)


There will only be two new faces at the council table at the next meeting but that doesn’t mean it was a boring election race. On election day the slate of candidates showed that two experienced councillors would not be back. Larry Wallace in Ward 1 and Stan Cochrane in Ward 2 declined to let their names stand this time around. Others decided to step up for elections in Wards 1 and 3.

Some of these votes were close. With three seats available and four contestants in Ward 1, new candidate Dennis Griffith got only two votes less than incumbent Russell Thiessen’s 119, and new candidate Tara Larway’s 53 votes just missed bumping incumbent Rick Kenderdine by three.

In Ward 2 new candidate Tim Crooker was acclaimed.

In Ward 3, with two seats to fill there were five candidates. Incumbents Mark Houston and Dave Roulette were both returned but Roulette’s hold on the second seat was only by one vote.



Cyril Druwe – incumbent - acclaimed

Ward 1

Russell Thiessen – incumbent – elected – 119

Dennis Griffith – elected – 117

Rick Kenderdine – incumbent – elected – 76

Tara Larway – 73

Ward 2

Tim Croker – acclaimed

Wilson Davis – incumbent – acclaimed

Scott Phillips – incumbent – acclaimed

Ward 3

Mark Houston – incumbent – elected - 61

Dave Roulette – incumbent – elected - 55

Milt Fedak – 54

Ron Enns Jr. – 50

Edwin Wark – 7


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