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Valleyview Co-op to support power mechanics education

Community collaboration goes a long way in education.

Valleyview Consumers Co-op Ltd is supporting a practical vocational program at Virden Collegiate Institute.

Valleyview Consumers Co-op Ltd will be supplying oils for the Power Mechanics Program at VCI. The idea was the brainchild of Jon Waines, Bulk Oil Products Manager at Valleyview Co-op.

“During the whole COVID situation, you would hear about cuts to educational programs like music, the arts and vocational programs. There’s not much my department can do for the arts, but it got me thinking about how we could support the power mechanics program. We have been able to supply the school with tools and with oil.”

Timothy Froese, Power Mechanics Teacher at VCI says the support from Valleyview Co-op makes a big difference to the students and to the community.

“This Co-op oil has been a huge boost to our program here in Virden. It enables the students to be able to expand their learning. If we happen to make a mistake on a vehicle this helps cover the cost of providing parts and oils and things like that. This program is one of the programs that keep our kids in school. I look back when I was a student in high school, if the vocational programs weren’t in the schools at that time, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.”

So far Valleyview Co-op has contributed:

  • 205 litres of 0W20 Elite Performance Synthetic engine oil
  • 205 litres of 5W20 Elite Performance Synthetic engine oil
  • 205 litres of 5W30 Elite Performance Synthetic engine oil
  • 40 litres of 75W90 MP Synthetic Gear SL oil
  • 30 X 400-gram tubes of Sonic Red Guard Grease
  • DEWALT tools


The value of Valleyview’s contribution so far is $7,356. Waines says, “My hope is to see this partnership with the high school last for as long as there is a power mechanics program. The power mechanics program is such an important program to keep students interested in education. Some students are not intrigued enough with the traditional curriculum of a high school and need the “hands-on” experience that the power mechanics program provides.”