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Weddings figure largely in community activities

Young at Heart entertain in Virden’s Victoria Park on Thursday, July 21.

Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

Hi! It seems like summer is halfway gone; we've had so much hot weather already. I say with Susan Branch, "I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this."

Every day is a National Day of something. July 24, today as I write, it is National Cousins Day. That's just right because I was invited out for lunch today to my sister-in-law Mary Braun of Maryfield, Sask. She also had my niece Joanne Martens over. Not cousins but my closest relatives, according to distance.

This week we had all our lawns at Evergreen sprayed. We had to keep our windows closed and no air conditioners going. Fortunately, it didn’t take too long. Now I hear Chris Leach out there mowing the grass.

Congratulations to Harold and Lynda Spring on their 60th wedding anniversary on July 20. I don't know if they did something special that day, but Harold was the Bingo caller that evening, like most Wednesdays.

On Sunday, July 17, Vern and Margaret Rollo travelled to Melita to see Vernon's Uncle Neil Grant, formerly of Elkhorn, who now lives in Conde, South Dakota. On Wednesday, July 20, Margaret Rollo attended the funeral of Wendy Lelond of Miniota.

Music in the Park this Thursday on July 21, by Young at Heart, was of special interest to Emmi Schneider, resident here at Evergreen. Her son Tom Schneider, his wife Tonya, who was one of the singers, and their son Josh, were all part of the group entertaining. I heard many positive remarks of the performance. The Thursday concerts go on for three more weeks, your chance to come and enjoy.

The month of July is gone in two days, so we say Good-bye July and Hello August.

Quote for the Day: "As this month of August begins, here are my wishes for you: May this month bring you satisfaction, peace and joy. Stay strong, be positive and fulfill your desires. Happy New Month, friends." - Julia Turner Creation

Miniota By Linda Clark

Ken and Jody Still, of Brandon, Geordan, Dannica and Conan from Peace River, Alta, visited with Mac and Pat Lelond and family and Glen and Margaret Still. They were guests at Jody’s brothers wedding - Duncan Lelond to Jennifer Cousins.

Congratulations to Duncan and Jennifer on their marriage at their home in Barnardo Bay on July 23.

Kevin and Julie Halipchuk, Aidan, Reese and Carley from Ottawa, Ont. visited with Linda Clark and family.  

Congratulations to Josh Burdett and Zoe Simard on their marriage on July 23. Zoe is the daughter of Danny and Josie Simard and granddaughter of Ron and Vicki Bryant. Many Lelond and Bryant families attended the wedding ceremony at the home of Danny and Josie, and the celebration at the Foxwarren rink.

Congratulations to Monelle Bryant, Heidi Clark and Brooke Thompson and their fellow team mates and coaches of the Hamiota U17 team who brought home bronze from provincials held at Steinbach this past weekend.

“Joy is the sound of love, the color of gratitude and the song of hope.”