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Young 4-Hers speak up

It looks like these public speakers will be eligible to participate at another level of 4-H public speaking.
4-H speaches
Virden 4-H Variety Club speech presenters: (l-r) Kyler Wolters, 10, with a visual - Eruption. Alivia Flannery, 9, speech - 4 Paws and a Tail. Lexie Wolters, 8 speech - Flying By; Lexi Mills, 6, speech - Spider Plants. Aubree Jeanes, 9 visual - Rhinoceros.

Virden’s 4-H Variety Club held their public speaking presentations last Tuesday evening. The club, led by Curt Wolters, was just started in Virden last fall.

“I think last night went so well,” says Wolters adding, “I was pretty proud of our 4-H group and how well they did.”

The club recruited two judges, writer/journalist Heather Reimer and retired high school English teacher Dale Davison to adjudicate the five members’ speeches.

In this speaking contest, the youngest members spoke for up to two minutes, with presentations increasing in length for older members.

In a five-minute presentation the oldest member, Kyler Wolters, created a taco salad with a volcanic form, describing the process as he went along. His speech was aptly titled Eruption.

“Their work was well researched. I enjoyed each presentation,” said Davison.

“Public speaking can be scary, even in front of a friendly audience. These kids were so gutsy. They talked confidently about subjects they cared about and I felt so proud of them all,” said Reimer.

The 4-H Variety Club meets regularly in the Victory Church basement in Virden.